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CG & Graphics Systems

In today’s multi-platform environment of infinitely proliferating channels — capturing eyeballs and building brand identity is more important than ever. Developed for the world’s most demanding users, our systems are engineered to create compelling on-air looks that attract and hold you viewers. The Ross graphics toolbox includes: XPression, the industry’s fastest growing real-time motion graphics system: Voyager, our powerful Unreal-based rendering platform: Lucid our customizable virtual production control platform, and Piero, our award-winning augmented reality, sports analysis tool.


Often called the “Swiss Army Knife of Graphics,” XPression combines real-time motion graphics and end-to-end power, with intuitive simplicity to make the most of that power. It checks all the boxes with a host of features and functionality that satisfies the most demanding users and novices alike.


The definitive system for sports analysis graphics, Piero enriches the viewer experience using image recognition and state-of-the-art graphic overlays. Currently, Piero has effects specialized for 20 of the world’s major sports, which allow sports pundits to tell better stories that will dazzle their audience.


Lucid Studio applies an intuitive graphical user interface to AR, VS and XR LED Studio environments, delivering seamless integration with tracking systems and real-time 3D rendering engines such as XPression and Voyager. With its unparalleled customizability and accessibility to all types of operators and operations, Lucid makes live virtual graphics easy to control.


Powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Voyager leverages the world’s most powerful and realistic renderer, enabling you to create stunning virtual environments for AR, VS and XR LED studio applications. Optimized for flexibility and speed of operation, Voyager is gamechanger for broadcast, e-sports, entertainment, and corporate events.


Real Switcher. Real Graphics. Real Audio. Graphite is an all-inclusive system that combines superb big switcher performance with visually stunning 3D graphics, instant access clip servers and pristine audio clarity – all with the reliability of separate system components.

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