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Next Generation Meeting Control

At a Glance

Simplified Meeting Broadcasts

Governments and legislators need to document both the audio and video of their meetings often without access to the facilities and skills they need. Ideally, this would be from multiple angles at very high quality.

Quorum introduces automation to control cameras, add graphics, and monitor microphones. Operators without technical backgrounds can use Quorum’s intuitive interface designed for anyone to use to produce professional results where every nuance is captured accurately.

Technology Simplified

Simplified control of broadcast equipment and automation means one operator can effectively produce an entire high-quality broadcast, using just a simple web client.

Room Flexibility

Quorum provides the ability to quickly adapt to the room the meeting is being held in but also has the ability to switch to a new room layout or even an entirely different room at a moment’s notice.

Simple Operation

Only 30 minutes of operator training is needed to be able to broadcast effectively. No detailed technical knowledge required, allowing a subject matter expert to follow the conversation.

Production Quality

Ross supplies dependable broadcast-quality equipment that is used at the highest level of production quality in productions all over the world. Quorum extends those values to your meetings.

Employee Efficiency

Quorum is equipped to work within your organization to enable people to do much more, better and faster.

Support Services

Have a single company to contact if there ever is an issue, and access to 24/7/365 technical support to minimize any system downtime.


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