Mark-Based Production System


A mark-based system that simplifies meeting production with a user-friendly web interface, empowering anyone to effortlessly generate engaging professional-grade content.

Unlock your Meeting’s Value

Meeting documentation is crucial for transparency, collaboration and knowledge preservation, highlighting the need for comprehensive audio-visual record.

Quorum’s meticulous approach enhances communication, facilitates in-depth analysis, and provides a valuable resource for future reference.

Why Choose Quorum?

Technology Simplified

Simplified control of production equipment empowers anyone to produce high-quality broadcasts using any web client.


Customised to your facility, and adapable to your future needs without custom software.

Easily Scalable

Unlock the full potential of your facilities by scaling to multiple rooms.

Resource Efficiency

Designed to work within your organization’s scale and resources to enable people to do more, better, and faster.

Simple Operation

Only 30 minutes of training to produce content effectively. No detailed technical knowledge is required.

quorum production quality

Production Quality

World-class production systems seamlessly integrated into your meeting or event.

Explore the Solution

Mark-Based Production

Mark-based production works with fixed positions in the room that we can define in advance, such as positions around a table, lecterns, podiums, etc.


Using marks, Quorum can automate the movement of the cameras to the best angles on a given mark and present the operator with only the best camera shots.


Mark-based production allows metadata (photo, name, job title) to adopt a more human interface, where a person is selected rather than a camera.


Intuitive Interface

Simply tap a participant and multiple cameras will move to prepare the next shot.

Selecting a mark on an intuitive map interface automatically selects the best shots and creates graphics, producing appealing content your audiences will enjoy watching.

Dynamic Graphics

Dynamically create graphics, select from prebuilt options, or build your own there and then.

Linked with the Ross XPresssion graphics system, a Quorum user can do all this from the same interface.

Tailored To Your Facility

Load your room layout or floorplan and position participants relative to where they are seated.

Web-based Workstation

Quorum is powered by Ross’ Aura UI and accessible on any system with a connected browser.

Updates happen dynamically with no downtime and it quickly feels familiar, reducing training and hardware costs.

Easy deployment and Maintenance

Forget custom solutions that are outdated immediately after deployment.

Quorum works with readily available hardware that puts you in control of your system’s management and expansion.

Use Cases

Meeting Production

High production value promotes professional communication, improves accountability, and creates a quality video archive. Mark-based systems offer professional-quality outputs from meetings, assemblies, and more with a simple web-based interface that anybody can use.

Increase constituency access, engagement, and trust

Broadcast technology enables governments of all sizes to make information more easily accessible to constituents.

Inspire further

Quorum enables you to reach more minds and engage more brains by effortlessly producing high-value content from lectures, talks debates and more.

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