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Executive Summary

PIVOTCam offers high performance image capture with quiet and accurate PTZ functionality, at a fantastic value. Get on-the scene fast watching, following, and twisting to capture those pivotal moments.

Be On Target

  • Versatile PTZ Camera with wall mounting included
  • Fast and efficient Pan/Tilt/Zoom and Focus control with preset recalls
  • Reliable and quiet operation ideal for a wide range of live production environments

See Clearly

  • Produces spectacular video images under a wide range of lighting conditions
  • High definition 3G 1080P visuals with low noise and high sensitivity
  • 20 x optical zoom via high quality Olympus optics
  • Leading edge CMOS sensor with ultra-low noise (74dB)

Connect In

With included wall mounts, PIVOTCam permits you to creatively utilize space in your venue. This makes PIVOTCam the perfect companion for engaging assembly, auditorium, venue, and POV productions.

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