Case Study

Graham Media Group

Section 1


In the competitive broadcasting world, staying ahead of the curve is essential.

That’s what Graham Media Group, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, has been doing since its inception in 1949. Operating news stations across the southeastern and upper Midwest United States, Graham Media Group has become synonymous with high-quality current events and entertainment programming. 

From their central graphics support hub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Graham Media Group employs a unique hub-and-spoke workflow, enlisting the expertise of local artists to provide graphical support to each station. 

Section 2

The Problem

In the highly competitive realm of television broadcasting, standing out is non-negotiable.

For Graham Media Group, setting themselves apart meant incorporating all the “bells and whistles” to create an immersive viewer experience characterized by passion and community outreach. They understood that graphics played a pivotal role in conveying this sentiment. However, their previous system posed significant challenges. One of the main challenges they faced was the time-consuming process of ingesting animations into their previous system. 

Section 3

The Solution

To overcome these obstacles, Graham Media Group turned to Ross Video and the XPression suite of products for graphics production, and Streamline Enterprise and OverDrive for asset management and workflow automation.

This stack allows for end-to-end, automated workflows, enabling Graham Media Group to quickly adapt and ship custom graphics for every story.  

Project Server simplifies template distribution, XPression Maps enhances global event visualization, and Streamline Enterprise and OverDrive automate media management and playout, ensuring smoother and faster production workflows. The efficiency offered by Ross Video’s end-to-end news production solution ensures their team makes every second count, from story inception to on-air presentation. 

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The core elements of the Ross Video solution at Graham Media Group include:

  • OverDrive
  • Streamline Enterprise
  • Carbonite
  • XPression
  • XPression Tessera
  • XPression Tessera SE
  • XPression MOS Workflow
  • XPression Maps
  • XPression Tick-it
  • XPression Project Servers

Section 4

The Impact

The integration of Ross Video’s solutions brought about a transformation at Graham Media Group.

With more streamlined graphics and production workflows, they can differentiate themselves from the competition. The speed and flexibility offered by XPression allows them to deliver visually engaging stories in real-time and with a fraction of the resources required previously. Above all, Graham Media Group has found a production technology partner they can trust and rely on to support their long-term growth. 

Click here to learn more about how Ross Video’s end-to-end solution can simplify and amplify your newsroom content. 

“Our experience working with Ross Video has really been wonderful. I cannot say enough about their customer service. That, to me, has been just stellar and outstanding. Our shows are very graphics-heavy, and I just don’t know if we can pull it off using a different graphics system. It would be such a hard thing to accomplish. Ross Video just makes it so much easier for us.”

Felicia Steiger
Design Director, Graham Media Group

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