Company Overview

Company Overview

Ross powers live video productions for billions of global viewers daily with the industry’s widest range of high impact, high efficiency solutions and services. Ross makes it easy to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging content for sports stadium screens, entertainment shows and rock concerts, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate presentations and inspiring content for houses of worship.

Ross solutions have impressed the audiences and marketing partners of Eurosport, BBC World, SKY, Yahoo! Finance, and the international esports powerhouse ESL. Ross provides an unrivalled range of products and services that includes cameras, real-time motion graphics, production switchers, robotic camera systems, augmented reality/virtual studios, video servers, infrastructure and routers, social media management, newsroom systems and live event production services.

As a privately held and self-funded company, Ross Video has a long and stable history and has enjoyed 29 consecutive years of growth. As well as being free from the influence of external financiers, Ross Video controls its own destiny by owning its own manufacturing facilities, doing all primary research and development in-house, and marketing its products internationally through a global sales force and network of business partners.

Our Vision

To lead the world in video production solutions.

Our Mission

We make cool practical technology. We provide a superior customer experience.

Corporate Background
The man and the airplane that started it all.

John Ross founded Ross Video in 1974 in his basement in Montreal, Canada. John sold the World War II trainer airplane he had painstakingly rebuilt over a two-year period for $3,500 and used the money as seed capital to start the company. To this day, this is the only investment that has been made in Ross Video, which has been self-funded since then, growing organically through reinvestment of profits from operations. Acquisitions have also been funded without external venture capital. David Ross, John’s son and Ross Video’s Chief Executive Officer, now owns over 80 percent of Ross Video. Company employees own the remaining 20 percent.

Media Refinery

Ross Video makes its first acquisition: Media Refinery founded by Bas Saleh. Based in the Media Park in Hilversum, The Netherlands, Media Refinery became Ross Europe BV, and formed the company’s base in Europe. Media Refinery’s XPression graphics system, with its 3D character generation, graphics and virtual sets, was a perfect fit for Ross Video’s portfolio of live-production components, making this a “no brainer” acquisition. Bas Saleh continues to head development of Ross Video’s graphics product line.


Ross Video acquired Norpak, world experts in video data insertion. Norpak and Ross are now Nielsen®’s hardware partner for watermark insertion for television audience measurement. Ross Nielsen® encoders, which are manufactured at Ross Video’s factory in Iroquois, are deployed at the vast majority of US broadcast television networks and local stations.

Codan Broadcast

Ross acquired Codan Broadcast, which was a combination of two well-known Australian companies, Talia Sound & Vision and Pro Video. This acquisition added an important base in Australia and a range of elegant and cost-effective routing solutions from a development team with a 20+ year history. This addition of routers enabled Ross to round out its live-production product offering and deliver a more complete infrastructure solution.

FX Motion

Always on the lookout for great technology that will allow it to push the boundaries of live-production technology, Ross Video acquired FX Motion in December 2011. FX-Motion, a robotic camera systems company based in Brussels, Belgium, was best known for bringing film-style motion-control technology to television with its ground-breaking Furio product line. The absolute positioning system and rail-based tracking delivered by the Furio product line set it apart from the competition and made it ideally suited to virtual set and augmented reality applications. Now heading up Ross Robotics, Stijn Vanorbeek, the founder of FX-Motion, has a background in electrical engineering and cinematography.


Ross Video acquired Cambotics, a robotic camera systems company and global leader in studio camera automation technology. The acquisition of Cambotics, which designed and manufactured the world’s finest automated heads and pedestals, enables Ross to provide a more complete solution and advance live production technology. Cambotics products became the CamBot series within Ross Robotics and Cambotics founders Bob Scotto and Miles Spellman joined Ross Robotics as Chief Hardware Architect and Chief Software Architect respectively. This acquisition, coupled with the acquisition of FX-Motion in 2011, established Ross as a world leader in studio camera robotics systems.


Ross Video acquired Montalto, a research and development company with extensive experience in, and deep knowledge of, broadcast routing systems. Former Harris/Leitch staff, the innovative Montalto team’s extensive knowledge and passion for routing systems, coupled with their track record of successfully developing many breakthrough products over the years, will advance Ross Video’s routing systems line, and contribute technology and products to the openGear product portfolio.

Mobile Content Providers (MCP)

Ross Video acquired Mobile Content Providers (MCP), a premium full-service mobile sports production packager that successfully delivers premium content at affordable prices to many major sports networks, universities and international organizations. The goal of the new Ross Mobile Productions (RMP) is to become a national mobile production company and offer full-service production packages and rental services that deliver network-quality production. RMP’s services, which also include customizing, and creating score bugs and graphics packages, will and meet consumer demand for coverage of more sporting and other live events.

Automated Data Systems (ADS)

Ross Video acquired Automated Data Systems (ADS), a company know for its innovative, feature packed and easy to use solutions for data delivery, automation and broadcast production requirements. The company’s main product is EZNews, a newsroom editorial system used by television journalists to produce newscasts. Ross Video will continue to support EZNews while offering clients a compelling opportunity to move to Ross Video’s own Newsroom Computer System product, Inception. The ADS team brings a wide range of experience in journalism, broadcast management, computer system sales and support, and software development, which is the perfect fit for Inception.

Unreel LLC

With the acquisition of Unreel LLC, a leading augmented reality (AR) and virtual set (VS) solutions provider, in April 2014, Ross Video became the only company in the broadcast industry able to offer a single-vendor turnkey AR/VS studio solution. Ross Video uses Unreel’s UX AR/VS control software and UX design services, alongside multiple Ross Video products to deliver AR/VS solutions that are cost-effective and easy to create, install and use. This acquisition also opens the door to a powerful new revenue opportunity: virtual advertising. Unreel, which has more than two decades’ experience in the AR/VS solutions market, an enviable list of clients that includes CBS, CNBC, ESPN, NBC, NESN, NASDAQ, Reuters, the Pentagon and the Social Security Administration, and multiple feature-film credits to its name, has groundbreaking technology and an innovative creative model that Ross Video has built upon to create the Studio of the Future.

Rocket Surgery Graphic Services LLC

Ross Video and Rocket Surgery Graphic Services LLC came together to form a premiere design firm built around the XPression graphics platform and the DashBoard API. The artists of Rocket Surgery | Ross Creative Services specialize in high-end design and data driven solutions for a wide variety of clients such as America’s Got Talent, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Pirates, New Jersey Devils, Jacksonville Jaguars, St. Louis Cardinals, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and the UK Lottery. The goal for Ross Video with Rocket Surgery is to create an amazing and flexible end-to-end customer experience. Rocket Surgery graphics present information in new and innovative ways that captivate and inform. From broadcast graphics and animation to dazzling arena displays, they are experts in maximizing production value.


To add replay, video server, and profanity delay systems as core production components, Ross Video acquired Abekas. This iconic brand pioneered many new innovations over the years and won 7 technical Emmys for their contributions to the industry. Abekas founder Junaid Sheikh, with his team continue to grow and expand the product lines with new abilities for broader market reach. The Abekas product lines of Mira and Mira Express Replay Systems, Tria and Tria Express Production Servers, and AirCleaner Profanity Elimination Delay System all integrate well into the Ross live production system portfolio.


To address the long term implications of IP technology in media networking and video production, Ross Video acquired a technology company based in Ottawa, Canada with a team of 35 FPGA, software, and verification engineers. COVELOZ develops programmable system-on-chip applications offering design services and firmware solutions to address the time-sensitive networking and processing of audio, video and control signals. As president of COVELOZ, Nestor Amaya and his team are poised to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving deterministic networking markets, starting with audio/video applications.

COVELOZ operates as a separate business to offer its products and engineering design services to the Broadcast, Pro-A/V, Communications and Industrial markets. COVELOZ makes its media networking technology accessible for companies within the industry who lack IP knowledge to accelerate adoption and drive efficiencies of scale. In a continued effort to accelerate the transition of video workflow to an IP based infrastructure, COVELOZ works with Altera, as a part of Intel, to bring studio video-over-IP applications to market.


Piero Sports Graphics is an award-winning sports analysis tool-set used by high profile broadcasters to provide audiences with new angles and virtual views of sports events through 3D graphics and image recognition and by sports clubs as a coaching tool to guide players and improve team performance.


Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Portalis developed a ground-breaking, patented, and unique Workstation Integration technology that revolutionizes the way control rooms and command & control centers around the world are designed, engineered, and managed. The company’s pro-xi® solution enables control room operators to simultaneously view and actively control multiple computer systems on one workstation, using one keyboard and one mouse.


Located in Irvine, California, Coiron Inc. partnered with Ross Video to develop a suite of popular applications for use with the XPression family of real-time motion graphics systems. XPression Telestrate, XPression Trackless Studio, and XPression Touch Factory have empowered customers to create astounding video productions using XPression at both the national and local level. The trio of applications are used for sports analysis, virtual studio production, interactive touch screen video presentations, respectively.

Years of collaboration, which evolved from producing real time graphics and data integration projects for Ross customersto building and releasing live production products together, came to a natural conclusion when Ross Video acquired Coiron in 2020 and Carlos Vasquez (Coiron’s CEO) became Technical Product Manager for the Ross Virtual Solutions group.

Image Video

Image Video was founded in 1974 – the same year as Ross – and was best-known for its TSI tally control platform, used by major broadcast network providers, sports venues, corporate video facilities and houses of worship. With customers in over twenty-nine countries, an impressive customer base and hundreds of supported device protocols (ranging from legacy serial connections to the latest ST2110 workflows), the TSI platform was a leader in the Tally and UMD product class, and was an excellent complement to the Ross portfolio of solutions.

This acquisition – Ross Video’s sixteenth – saw Image Video’s product team led by by Zach Wilkie and David Russell, along with their R&D and technical support teams all transition over to Ross and become Ross Tally Systems.


Founded in 1999 and based in Miami, Primestream is world-renowned for its Media Asset workflow solutions that enable the capture, production, management and distribution of media assets. Their award-winning solutions are used by major international corporations within various market verticals, including Enterprise, Digital Media, Sports and Broadcast. This acquisition, our seventeenth, takes the Ross employee headcount over the magical one thousand threshold.


Founded in 2006, D3 is a leading technology enterprise that designs, engineers, builds, and supports turnkey visual experiences. With a dynamic portfolio in indoor and outdoor LED displays – as well as LED Processing, Content Management, and Playback – their systems can generate, process, and distribute video at epic scales.  Their award-winning solutions are used by major broadcasters, retail, financial institutions, entertainment venues, corporations, and more.

D3’s solutions enable Ross to offer an even more comprehensive range of content rendering platforms, including XPression motion graphics, Voyager (based on the Unreal engine from Epic Games), and the D3 IMS playback system.  This acquisition brings Integrated LED Experiences to all Ross Video’s clients.


Based in Austria, Spidercam is a global supplier of broadcast cable camera solutions. The Spidercam system is suspended on four cables using pulleys and winches that navigate a camera dolly in 3D space utilizing a stabilized head to provide smooth HD or 4K video. Spidercam made its television debut in 2005 and is now the market leader in cutting-edge cable camera solutions used to create unique shots for major international sports leagues and tournaments, award shows, entertainment events, and esports competitions watched worldwide.

The Spidercam acquisition is Ross Video’s nineteenth, and their technology and spectacular visuals fit perfectly into the Ross production universe. Spidercam’s camera solutions extend the current Ross Robotics portfolio by offering even more opportunities to create unique and creative images for viewers.

A Global Company

Ross Video has corporate offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and supporting sales and service operations strategically located around the world. The company’s manufacturing operations and its headquarters for administration and finance, are located in Iroquois, Canada. Canada’s “Silicon Valley” in Ottawa, Canada, is home to the company’s marketing, research and development, as well as its North American customer experience and demonstration center.
24/7/365 technical support and immediate access to spares is crucial when deploying mission-critical technology. Ross Video offers lifetime technical support by telephone, email and MS-Teams. Spares are stored at strategically located logistics hubs around the world to ensure prompt delivery when required. This quick-ship service is available to all customers who buy Ross Video products and not just those on extended warranty programs.

Ross Video’s state-of-the-art factory in Iroquois is run by experts in high-tech manufacturing, quality and efficiency. The company’s engineers use the most advanced high-precision components and techniques, with processes and technologies optimized to suit the needs of the high-mix, low-volume broadcast industry. This enables the company to be highly vertically-integrated, ensuring that quality, delivery times and cost all remain completely under its control — something that isn’t possible with an outsourced model. In fact, Ross Video’s lead times, customer service and quality are among the best in the industry.

Three high-speed pick-and-place surface mount lines run 16 hours a day. Increased automation and efficiency have doubled peak capacity in the pEverything Ross Video manufactures is made to international environmental standards, including the European RoHS directives.
In-house research and development enable Ross Video to create breakthrough products, but also commit to the long-term evolution and support of all the company’s products and technologies. Ross Video’s engineers develop deep industry knowledge through front-line exposure to customer requirements and development-level support is used to solve customer problems whenever necessary.
Ross Video’s highly knowledgeable global sales force enjoy an average of one full month of product training a year and have a unique “karate belt” style training program on products and their customer applications. The company’s goal is to provide added value with every interaction and deliver a superior customer experience every time.

Working Well With Others

Ross Video has a long history of collaborating with other industry companies. At Ross, it is understood that products do not exist in isolation and must work as part of a wider solution if they’re to deliver a successful end result for customers. The OverDrive production automation solution, for example, integrates with products from more than 50 different manufacturers. Additionally, the Ross Audio Protocol or “RAP,” created through experience with OverDrive, fills a vacuum in the industry for a standard, easy-to-use protocol for audio mixers. RAP, established and maintained by Ross, has now been adopted by many of the major audio console manufactures and is also used by competitors.

Technology Leadership

With its comprehensive portfolio that includes both base band video and IT file-based solutions, Ross Video is well positioned to help customers meet the creative, business and technical challenges they face every day. Ross also offers a mix of hardware and software-centric solutions. Ross understands that the mix and convergence of these technologies is central to meeting the needs of the industry as well as growing the company. The main development lab in Ottawa is home to more than 100 highly skilled engineers who are working on the next generation of Ross Video solutions, systems, and technologies.

Customer Segment Highlights

Ross Video’s customer base is global and diverse, providing the revenue stability that enables the company to navigate challenging times, continue to grow, and invest in the future. Among other things, Ross Video:

  • Manufactures Carbonite – the world’s best-selling midsize production switcher family.
  • Is the number one supplier of live production solutions to sports stadiums, working with 58% of NFL venues in the US, and 45% of combined US venues for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS.
  • Manufacturers OverDrive, the leader in automated production control with over 400 international deployments.
  • Manufactures openGear®, the industry-standard card and chassis platform that has over 130 international partners and was recognised in 2017 with a Technical Emmy® Award.
  • Offers the fastest-growing graphics platform in live production that is used to produce some of the world’s leading broadcast shows, sporting events and awards ceremonies, including the Academy Awards®, Grammy® Awards, Tony Awards® and Academy of Country Music Awards, among others.


The Ross Code of Ethics

As a final note to this overview of Ross Video, we offer our Code of Ethics, a key component of our success. All of our employees learn this code, and it forms the basis of how we conduct ourselves with our customers and partners. You should expect us to act consistently with the following when you engage with Ross:

  • We will always act in our customer’s best interest.
  • We will do our best to understand our customer’s requirements.
  • We will not ship crap.
  • We will be great to work with.
  • We will do something extra for our customers, as an apology, when something big goes wrong and it’s our fault.
  • We will keep our promises.
  • We will treat the competition with respect.
  • We will cooperate with and help other friendly companies.
  • We will go above and beyond in times of crisis. If there’s no one to authorize the required action in times of company or customer crisis – do what you know in your heart is right. (You may rent helicopters if necessary.)