November 12, 2021

Ross Video Offers Monogram’s Creative Console for Control of Camera Motion Systems

Ottawa, Canada, November 12th 2021 – Ross Video is pleased to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with Monogram that will see Ross offer the company’s unique modular control surface to customers as part of the range of accessories for Ross Camera Motion Systems.

Creative Console is a highly flexible and customizable control surface that comprises different modules – including the Orbiter module, an innovative joystick and trackball alternative, dials, sliders and control buttons – that can be organized in the way that best suits the operator. Each module attaches to the others magnetically, enabling operators to mix and match and create an expandable control surface that best meets their own ergonomic needs and preferences. “Ross has often been asked to recommend joysticks and peripherals to control cameras,” comments Karen Walker, VP of Camera Motion Systems at Ross, “and it’s true that we’ve struggled to find a solution that has all of the functionality required. Traditional USB or gaming joysticks are compromised because they rarely have a large enough number of dials or control options for cameras. The great thing about Monogram’s solution is that the control surface can be arranged to the exact requirements and preferences of the operator, be they left or right-handed. The modules all link together in a very robust manner and additional modules can easily be added or removed as applications, users and use requirements change. Monogram’s Creative Console has the build quality and precision control our customers demand, and represents a highly cost-effective complement to our latest range of PTZ cameras and robotic camera heads, giving customers a complete solution that represents fantastic value.”

Greg Barber, VP of Partnerships at Monogram, is similarly excited by the new agreement. “It’s been a rewarding partnership with the Ross Video Robotics team, as we combine various Monogram modular controls and Ross DashBoard functions into a series of optimized and affordable control surface solutions for Ross Camera Motion Systems.”


About Monogram
Monogram inspires creativity and productivity by designing adaptable tools that fit. Its first generation product, Palette Gear, was launched in 2013 and received outstanding reviews by thousands of photographers and video editors in over 150 countries. After many years of listening to customer feedback, research, and engineering, it shipped its highly anticipated second generation product Creative Console in November 2020. The Core77 Design Award winning and patented modular design was also used in the making of The Mandalorian (2019, 2020), The Lion King (2019), and on tour with several performing bands and artists. Monogram is headquartered in Kitchener, Canada.

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