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DashBoard Overview

DashBoard is an open platform from Ross Video for facility control and monitoring that enables users to quickly build unique, tailored CustomPanels that make complex operations simple. DashBoard provides control and monitoring to hundreds of products from over 50 partners within the openGear and DashBoard Connect ecosystem, and of course most Ross Video products. Its ability to craft application specific solutions across this breadth of products is what makes DashBoard so special.

DashBoard Release

The most current Production Release of DashBoard is version 8. DashBoard v8 adds in a lot of features to make developing CustomPanels easier and provides new features to get the most out of those panels. The latest version can be downloaded here.

DashBoard is an amazing tool for creating custom workflows to control Ross devices, openGear devices, or really any third party IP-based devices. Scripts on Custom Panels are incredibly powerful, but writing them has required a certain amount of effort to learn. This can be a challenging task for users with no scripting or programming background.

To resolve this, Ross has added Visual Logic in DashBoard.

Now scripts can be created by dragging and dropping blocks to create tasks. The steps are really simple… just create the layout of the screen to look the way you want it, and then double click on an object to bring up the ability to edit the component. Add a task and it will take you into the visual ogScript editor.

From the Visual Logic editor you can see your parameters and variables on the left and the functions and logic blocks on the right. Drag and drop what you need into the center pallet and draw the connections between the boxes. It’s as simple as that! DashBoard will then write the script to make it work without you ever having to type in a line of code.

Easy searching is part of the platform, and if you search in the visual logic editor it will highlight instances of that use within the blocks. So if you know you’ve used a parameter somewhere but can’t find it, the search will highlight every place that you’ve used it.

The method of creating DashBoard Visual Logic scripts matches the Visual Logic editor within XPression graphics so that if you learn one you have learned the other as well!