Event Control

PowerPlay Event Control System

At a Glance

Simplifying Live Events

PowerPlay is an Event Control System that allows users to centralize device control to a single server and simplify playout and scheduling of production

and environmental devices for any live event – venue, corporate, faith-based, or broadcast.

Centralized Device Control Solution

PowerPlay is built using the DashBoard framework. Living on a 1RU server, device control is centralized on powerful enterprise-class servers.

Ross’ Renowned Device Control Library

PowerPlay can integrate with XPression Graphics, XPression Clips, Abekas video servers and any DashBoard custom panel. Optionally, add a Custom Control engine to access and control hundreds of third-party devices.

Fully Scheduled Automation

With the ability to schedule events for digital signage, advertisements, and time-of-day events, PowerPlay offers you the power to efficiently monetize your production and engage audiences.

Integration With 300+ Devices

Ross Video is a leader in Automated Production and Live Event control using DashBoard and our suite of production devices. PowerPlay adds another layer of control to centralize and schedule your control.

Plan in detail and let it rip

Adjust and finesse to your heart’s content. PowerPlay takes care of the complexity of orchestrating your systems for absolute reliability and repeatability.


Have a single company to contact if there ever is an issue, and access to 24/7/365 technical support to minimize any system downtime.

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