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Greg Quirk
Marketing Product Manager, Communications

Executive Summary

The Ross Lightning Control System is the world’s first and most comprehensive integrated video production solution for any type of assembly. LCS was originally developed to address an ever increasing demand for open governments, which drives the requirement to provide video to meet the expectations of constituents. In addition to governmental organizations, the same system is an effective solution for corporate, educational, and religious assemblies. Lightning CS answers the challenge to delivering more meetings, with the broadcast quality that viewers expect, without raising operational costs.

Go Modern

  • Enable comprehensive control of meetings with an easy to use design
  • Keep the system current via a software maintenance program that benefits from constant development with new features
  • Integrate with third party products to enable seamless and efficient workflows
  • Produce more complex meetings with the same number of people

Complete It Fast

  • Quickly manage an entire meeting without requiring extensive training even with a single person
  • Control multiple devices at the press of a button (cameras, switcher, graphics)
  • Assign representative to a seat in moments

Make It Powerful

  • Reduce operational expenditures to a minimum with a more flexible approach
  • Load up files to completely reconfigure the system to control the same room for a different meeting, or a completely different room
  • Take advantage of having a single company to contact, and 24/7/365 technical support that diminishes any possible issues

With the Ross Video Lightning Control System, control of your meetings is automated to the point that a single operator can manage the production without having to be an expert in the underlying technology. The Ross solution uses an intuitive touch screen graphic user interface (GUI) that makes broadcasting meetings as simple as pressing a button to automate the operation of all the components in your productions.

Whether at the local or international level, Ross offers a solution to produce meetings easily, leveraging extensive expertise in the broadcast industry to deliver the level quality that your viewers see elsewhere in today’s world.

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