ONLINE XPression Freelance Operator Training

About this event

Join Ross Video and learn the basics of operating XPression – the broadcast industry’s fastest growing real-time motion graphics platform. Over these two days, a Ross Trainer will introduce you to the key features and functions a live Graphics Operator will need in order to use XPression.

XPression Training:

  • XPression Sequencer
  • Adding New Scenes, Renaming/Number Scenes
  • Controlling using number pad, mouse & cursor keys
  • Fast Recall mode
  • Preview & Playback functions
  • Play States
  • Modifying the Keyboard Map to create custom sequencer controls
  • Manual / Automated groups
  • Editing properties using the Take Inspector
  • Modify data manually as well as in DataLinq / Widgets
  • Adjust layer & channel assignments
  • Exporting sequence as a text list
  • Appending your sequence with a take item text file
  • Exporting / Importing take items as XML files
  • Exporting take items as stills / video / image sequences
  • Controlling the sequencer via Rosstalk, Ross Switcher, 3rd Party Device
  • Scene Manager, Preview Window, Output Monitors, Virtual Outputs
  • Project Manager: Deploying remote XPression Projects into XPression
  • DatalinqTM: Introduction to DatalinqTM

Date & Time

July 9 – 10
10am – 4pm CET (GMT+2)

*To ensure awareness, please note that this class is conducted in the CET time zone

Who can Attend?

Training is free to any freelance graphics operators not currently working for a customer on a full-time basis. Contact to confirm further availability.

Don’t Forget!

All attendees must own a personal laptop that meets certain minimum specifications. Click here for a video that outlines those requirements. In general terms, the computer must include the following:

• Windows 7 or 10 required (Windows 11 not officially supported, but should work fine for training purposes)
• Microsoft Office install with Microsoft Excel is recommended
• An nVidia GPU preferred
• 2-3Gb of RAM

Additional Information

In preparation for the training, we encourage you to review the following tutorial videos, which can be found on the Ross Video XPression U site.

In addition to the training, each student will receive a one year license to a trial edition of XPression Designer, the offline creation edition of XPression. This version is not capable of outputting live video, but it will render graphics to a pixel accurate watermarked virtual output on your VGA screen. This will allow you to work with XPression at home to continue learning XPression after the class is done.

Would you like to attend?