Gain additional industry insight on key trends and how Ross technology can help stay ahead of the curve.

Inception v14 Introduction Webinar
with Jenn Jarvis

Join the Inception product team for an overview of the version 14 software release. New features include a recycle bin, new color options for running orders and additional workflows for creating content.

Going Pro with Mira Replay
with Douglas Johnson

Looking to introduce slo-mo replay into your production workflow? Join Douglas Johnson – Chief Product Manager, Video Servers at Ross Video – for a webinar walkthrough of Mira Replay’s professional feature set and the High Impact, High Efficiency solutions that Mira Replay servers can play a part in.

What is Production Wizardry?
with Nigel Spratling

Want to learn how Carbonite Ultra can fit into your production workflow?  Join Nigel Spratling – Vice President of Production Switchers & Video Servers at Ross Video – for a webinar walkthrough of Carbonite Ultra’s powerful feature set and example production solutions that Carbonite Ultra can play a part in.

Inception v13 Introduction Webinar
with Nikki Renoit

Inception Version 13 includes more than two dozen new features. Join the Inception product team for an overview, including Playout Preview, Story Linking, MOS improvements and Production Cue enhancements.

Ross Production Switchers – Flexible, Easy, Future Proof
with Nigel Spratling & Les O’Reilly

This webinar will help you learn which switcher is right for your environment. Today, with increased flexibility to manage content in multiple locations and formats, without an associated increase in cost. And tomorrow, with future proof solutions that offer flexible signal management for SDI, IP, HDR, and 12G and support for open standards including SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022.

Inception v12 Introduction Webinar
with Jenn Jarvis

Join the Inception team for an overview of the exciting new features in V12, including multizone story locking, reports and MOS placeholder templates.

The Virtualized Newsroom
joint Webinar Hosted by Ross Video & Cisco

This webinar showcases a joint proof-of-concept which highlights how Ross Smart Production, combined with Cisco Cloud Center GUI and Unified Computing System, can deliver a virtualized news workload that looks and behaves exactly like a non-virtualized newsroom production system.

Software Defined Production
with Nestor Amaya & Todd Riggs

This webinar demonstrates how to use Software Defined Production in order to implement flexible broadcast workflows using equipment that can be pooled and repurposed with agility and scale.

Camera 101
with Gina Thompson

Join Gina Thompson for an introduction to the inner workings of a camera.