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BTI, Business Technology Inc.

Hero Background

BTI, founded in 1994, empowers Broadcasters with innovative software solutions that automatically collect, manage, and delivery data to their on-air graphics devices, web output, and mobile devices. We produce the leading data services in the USA and continue to be utilized in 15 of the top 20 Station Groups.

Products or Services Provided
Attendant Solutions for School Closings, Elections, News Tickers, Severe Weather, EAS, and Mobile Apps. Data Services provided as well.

Products for Sale
School Closings Attendant –
The preferred solution for fully automating the collection, management, and delivery of school, business, and other public-related closings information to your on-air, online, and mobile devices.

  • Be first to air with the most up to date closings using our “Just Received” feature
  • Simultaneous capture from inbound phone calls, web entries, central reporting services, and web sites
  • Configure closings into customizable groups which make the best sense to your audience

Election Voting Attendant – The complete product for automatically capturing and configuring all of your local, regional, and national election results and delivering them to your viewers on air, online, and to mobile devices.

  • Races can be assigned to multiple ‘Data Sources’ (Any AP, or DDHQ, Web Sites, etc.) with only the highest results airing.
  • The latest results are highlighted and can be Instantly Inserted to air on demand
  • Graphics do not have to be stopped or taken off air to add, delete, or sort data

Election Bridge – An innovative way to Auto-Select web sites as Secretary of State, Local, Regional, or National races and link them to our election software.

Election Mobile Update (EMU) – allows a user from a remote location to input race results using a smart phone, tablet, or PC connected to the internet. Simply log in, select the race, and enter the numbers. BTi’s Election Voting software notifies the station’s staff and the new result is ready for air in seconds. EMU = the Fastest Race Results Possible.

News Update Attendant – Allows broadcasters to instantly deliver news and information to air, online, and to mobile devices as part of complete, formatted graphics.

  • Choose from a wide variety of content including news headlines, weather conditions, sports scores, stock information
  • Display user comments from Twitter and Facebook
  • A continuous stream of information that is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy

Schedule Assets – allows stations to monetize tickers and other screens by easily scheduling Sponsors and Snipes. Once they’ve automatically gone to air, As Run Reports make it easy for the station to bill sponsors and analyze results.

Severe Weather Attendant – Continuously monitor your station’s weather alert receiver for hazardous weather events and send to air, online, and to mobile devices.

  • Extracts the pertinent information from the alert text
  • Display map, radar (if available), and text to provide clear concise information to viewers
  • Broadcast alerts in English or Spanish or Both

Emergency Alert Attendant – Fully-automated solution for capturing and broadcasting Emergency Alert Information from Federal or State emergency officials.

  • Integrates your EAS receiver with your on-air graphics device
  • Works with TFT EAS911, DASDEC, and SAGE/Endec
  • Automatically captures alerts, triggers notifications, and displays information over the air

DataBridge – A multi-tier, cost effective, reliable data service with news, sports, weather, Twitter, Facebook… 18 services formatted for your graphics system.

  • Operator-selectable news and information
  • Wide variety of data available – Headlines, Weather, Sports Scores, Stocks, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Secure, web-based user interface makes adding to or editing your data stream easy from any location

Fred McCoy, Director of Sales & Marketing
Email: Sales@BTi.TV
Website: www.BTi.TV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTiTV
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BTiTV
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BTiTV

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