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Hero Background

Prographics is a software-house that develops, designs and integrates information systems for the broadcast & narrowcast industry. We are specialized in real-time on-air graphics for TV, internet and mobile devices with designers, developers, operators and 25 years of experience in the broadcast graphics.

Our software platform has evolved into a very flexible and extendable solution for your day-to-day graphic needs.

Scorekeeping, timekeeping; we convert your live data into live graphics.

Prographics has been present since XPression’s conception. The power and ease of use grabbed us immediately. It is the perfect platform to create our layouts and software.

Prographics’ 25 years of experience in sports includes thousands of live events coverage in over 25 different sports. We specialize in statistics, design, automation and creation of on-air graphics in HD quality, graphic design and implementation of pre-defined graphics. We have ready-to-use solutions for a wide variety of sports.

Next to sports, Prographics is the market-leader in the Netherlands of the show-division. Whether its talent shows (X-factor, The Voice of..) or entertainment, all our show graphics are created by our modular Contestant Solution. Candidate / Talent profiles are stored in our database and can easily be combined with televoting numbers to create stunning graphics on multiple channels. Social media plug-ins are available to generate live tickers within the show. With our Jury module we can value performances in shows, and combined with televoting data create live scoreboards at any time within the show.

Prographics handles all elections in the Netherlands. Gathering data from all cities / provinces is our specialty, converting it to a bar graph or a pie chart, and displaying this per city, region and province or for the country. Converting votes into seats in parliament and displaying them in 3D. Displaying the graphics can be done by touch screen or by the operator.

CG Essentials
CG Essentials is a customizable and programmable application designed to handle a large array of on-air graphics. Name straps, tickers & Stills. It’s the most used application for entertainment, infotainment and music shows.

Twitter Module
Twitter Moderation is the application which grabs searchable raw data from the Twitter API, and displays it in 2 configurable columns. The user can moderate tweets and decide which tweets are sent to the broadcast cue. The application can also generate custom messages.

Our motion designers can create look-and-feel solutions according to our customers’ preferences. Development of graphics can be from scratch or from an existing lay-out.

Operation Services
We provide live coverage with specialized operators to help you with your demanding broadcast. Our operation services include all sorts of live broadcast. Sports, Shows, Infotainment, Entertainment, Elections.

Software Development
Our developers have extensive experience in this field of work, understanding the whishes of operators for speed and ease of use solutions in all customized software solutions.

Prographics’ world of experience with regard to complex Live Graphics related processes has led to customers asking us to assist them in working out the best and most efficient workflow for their specific business and budget. As the demand for assistance has increased in the last couple of years, Prographics now also has a Consulting department. We are real ‘hands-on’ consultants, not only able to translate your needs into the best available workflow, we are also able to help with the implementation of the solution, training your crew and providing support where necessary.

Virtual Solutions
The XPression Graphics engines offer a variety of possibilities regarding the Virtual Studio Solution. Prographics has experience with Virtual Studio’s based on Tracking heads as well as Virtual Studio’s in which a person is placed into the XPression 3D environment. Prographics offers both a standard out of the box ‘ready to go’ Virtual Studio as well as complex tailor made Virtual Studio solutions.

Integrated Services
Prographics is part of the Consolidated Media Group. Together with our sister company, the Infostrada Sports Group, we can offer a suite of integrated sports Graphics and Statistics solutions. Infostrada is the World know expert on sport statistics with one of the biggest sport statistic databases in the world. They also have the expertise to advise you on which statistics and historical data would be relevant and interesting for your specific event. Combined with the skills of Prographics regarding visualisation of this data, the service guarantees you the best of both worlds.

Contact Information

Vince Westbroek
Phone: +31 35 677 31 31
email: vince.westbroek@prographics.nl
Website: www.prographics.nl
Twitter: @Prographics

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