Software-Based Production Switcher

Carbonite Code

Carbonite Code is a groundbreaking software-based production switcher, purpose-built for NDI workflows.

Unlock your NDI production

Designed to meet the evolving demands of a growing community of live production professionals, Carbonite Code combines the production power of Ross Video’s Carbonite range with the efficiency and low latency of NDI video transport technology.

Why Choose Carbonite Code?

Production Power

Combine Carbonite’s unparalleled functionality, control, and reliability, with NDI technology.


Keep up with production demands of the future using advanced CPU and GPU processing power in a software-based system.


Leverage low-latency NDI while seamlessly integrating into an expanding ecosystem of devices.

Explore the Solution

Fully loaded with an advanced feature set, Carbonite Code has been designed with the highest level of functionality to support the most demanding broadcasts and live events all over the world.

NDI Inputs and Outputs

Carbonite Code harnesses cutting-edge, low-latency network-based video technology for high-quality results.

Mix Effects (MEs)

Carbonite Code features three powerful Carbonite MEs, each with 6 full Keyers.  Apply Chroma Key, Luma Keys and DVEs as required.

MultiViewers (MVs)

Monitor all essential video signals using the three standard MultiViewers within Carbonite Code, each capable of displaying up to 16 PiPs.

Audio Mixer

The RAVE Audio mixer included in Carbonite Code offers a 48-channel mixer with 6 Aux Mixes, serving as the main audio mixer for smaller events or as a reliable backup.

Control Panels

Like all Carbonite production switchers, Carbonite Code is compatible with the full range of TouchDrive control surfaces for more tactile control. Our DashBoard software and operation system is also compatible with Carbonite Code for advanced control, diagnostics, and monitoring.


Feature Specification
NDI Inputs 30
NDI Outputs 6
ME’s, Keyers per ME 3 ME’s, 6 Keyers per ME (18 DVE’s total)
Multiviewers, PiPs per layout 3 Multiviewers, 16 PiPs per layout
Chroma-keyers 4
Channel RAVE audio mixer 48
Aux mixes 6

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