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Executive Summary

Welcome to the next generation asset management. Streamline is our media asset management and workflow solutions for media environments that acts as a central hub for your productions, providing a complete system for indexing and cataloging your vast collection of graphics, video, and other assets. Streamline offers time and money saving workflow tools to make you more efficient and leverage your existing content in new productions, while promoting clearly defined processes for work order requests and management.

Organize Your Creativity

  • Ingest and catalog your graphics, stills, and video content with a rich set of metadata fields and tags.
  • Search and create asset filters to discover and utilize graphic and videos through simple drag and drop workflows.
  • Request and prioritize graphics and art creation through a centralized work order management system.
  • Preview your video and graphics with automatic proxy and thumbnail creation functionality.

Optimize Your Abilities

  • Utilize the detailed reporting engine to discover and eliminate wasteful processes and manage routine graphics creation.
  • Get your job done in the field using modern browser-based technology that makes it easy for your team to access assets from anywhere in the world.
  • Enable anyone in the newsroom to quickly create on-air graphics via a seamless drag and drop workflow into templates for XPression motion graphics systems.

Connect Everything Together

  • Take advantage of the modern, easy-to-use, and highly flexible user interface that works with your Windows and Mac based computers, to provide simple interaction with the system by all your users.
  • Browse, discover, and link your assets to story content with seamless integration via MOS into your newsroom computer system.
  • Automate asset transfer to video servers and other devices as needed with powerful asset lifecycle transfer and management tools.

When the investment is made to catalog and tag assets as they are created, your financial return comes from the creation of a massive repository of searchable, re-usable content for future stories. This enables the production of greater volumes of multi-format and multi-platform content that you can monetize for additional revenues. For this to occur, production solutions must be agile and adaptable to empower your staff to be more efficient and creative. Let Streamline take care of the heavy lifting of moving assets around, while you simply worry about crafting amazing content.