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Vision Tritium – 3 ME Production Switchers

High End Production Power on a Mid-Size Budget
The Vision Tritium 3 ME production switcher has a stunning feature set in an incredibly budget sensitive package at literally half the price you would expect for this type of solution.

Imagine a full 3 ME modular production switcher with 48 x 32 Multi-Definition inputs and outputs, 6 real 3D DVEs, 16 channels of internal media stores, 16 keyers, our awesome UltraChrome™ chroma keys, built in Dual Head MultiViewers™, massive external device controls and much more all wrapped up inside an extremely affordable package. That’s Vision Tritium – Truly Affordable Big Switcher Power.

With Vision Tritium you can own a beautiful modular 3 ME panel with 32 direct access crosspoint buttons, featuring our cool Ross PanelGlow™ RGB buttons and DualDisplay™ touch screen menu system.


  • 32 Crosspoint Buttons on Panel
  • Full 3 ME’s
  • 48 Multi-Definition Serial Digital Inputs
  • 32 Multi-Definition Serial Digital Outputs
  • 2 x Dual Head Internal MultiViewers™ (Configurable Dual Outputs for each MultiViewer.)
  • 6 Channels of 3D DVE with Position, Rotation, Crop, Advanced Positioning, Key Combiner, Dynamic Borders, Preprocessor effects and DVE Timelines.
  • Proc Amps and Color Correction
  • Ross AuxKeys™ – Mixer / Keyers on Aux Bus Outputs
  • MultiDSK™ (8 Keys on Program / Preview ME)
  • Auto-Follow Dual Display System Control Touch Screen
  • 32 Custom Control Macro Buttons with 12 Banks
  • Source Mnemonics and Custom Control Mnemonics
  • USB Ports for Keyboard, Mouse, and Media Drives
  • On-Panel Aux Bus Control
  • Unique Ross “Roll Clip” Button in Every ME
  • PanelGlow™ User Definable Button Color Themes
  • 6 UltraChrome™ Chroma Keyers with Super Fine Keying Quality (2 per ME)
  • 4 Channel Global Media Store
  • 12 Channels of ME Media Store (4 per ME)
  • Dual Channel Border Generator with Advanced Key Trails and Key Smear Effects per ME
  • 18 Powerful Pattern Generators and 6 Complex Wash Generators
  • Hard Disk Drive for Storing Configurations, Stills, Animations and Clips
  • 100 Event Memory System
  • 6 FlexiClean™ Assignable Clean Feed Outputs (2 per ME)
  • Preview Overlay™ Safe Area/Title and Operator Heads-Up Information Display
  • RossTalk Protocol for integration with XPression Graphics System
  • 36 Fully Assignable Parallel Tally Outputs
  • 10 GPI Inputs, 10 GPI Outputs
  • VTR Control Protocol (BVW-75)
  • Video Server Protocols (VDCP/AMP) see supported list of servers
  • Serial Tally Interface
  • Multi-Definition support for any of the following formats: 525, 625, 1080i 50, 1080i 59.94, 720P 50, 720P 59.94, 1080P 24, 1080PSF 24, 1080PSF 23.98