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PIERO Sports Graphics Analysis

PIERO uses image recognition and state-of-the-art graphic overlays to augment sports content with visually engaging and informative effects. PIERO is bringing new angles to every game, on the screen and in the studio.

Over 20 Sports Covered

PIERO systems provide cutting-edge graphics and analysis modules for over 20 different sports.

State-Of-The Art Analysis

The wide range of effects offered by PIERO includes data visualization, heatmap, speed and distance, 3D replay, moveable players and many more.

Cost Effective

Simple installation and real-time workflows make PIERO cost-effective and easy to integrate with your existing operations.

Comprehensive Portfolio

The PIERO portfolio includes systems for broadcasters, professional sports clubs, and studios.

PIERO Overview Video

Piero is a state-of-the-art sports graphics and analysis system & an easy to use 3D telestrator with real time workflows.


PIERO Sports Graphics

The world’s leading sports graphics system for broadcasters, PIERO Sports Graphics enhances the game using real-time graphics and tracking technology to tell a clearer and more compelling story.


Delivering TV-quality graphics to professional clubs, PIERO Club is a 3D graphics system designed for fast and informative game analysis. It maximises coach-player communication efficiency and makes it easy to review and prepare game strategy.


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Sports & Live Venue

Virtual Studio



Wide Range of Effects

Straight 3D Arrow


Data Visualization - Historical Shots

Data Visualization - Scored Shots

Puck Tracking

Rally Shots

Offside Line

Time Lapse

Corner Kick Analysis

Freehand 3D Arrow

and much more...

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