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Carbonite Mosaic Video-Image Processor

Carbonite Mosaic is a dynamic compositing tool that scales your live productions to massive displays. Take advantage of a fully-loaded video-image processing feature set, at one of the best price points in the industry.

Massive Scale

Large-screen displays have grown to massive scale in both size and resolution. Carbonite Mosaic gets the highest quality images on displays of over 20 million pixels.

Handle Any Source

A complete set of video processing resources guarantees a uniform look across your display. For ultra-high-quality imagery, Carbonite Mosaic supports 10bit HDR formats.

Full-Featured, Half-Priced

For a 10-canvas video-image processor, Carbonite Mosaic’s price is an absolute game-changer.

Multi-Screen Power

Powered by 10 independently-controlled tile outputs, it’s easy to weave a massive single display or feed multiple displays throughout your venue – the choice is yours.

Leading Solution

Carbonite Mosaic and XPression Tessera team up for high-quality upscaled video and beautiful pixel-accurate graphics on your display. Live has never looked this good.

Smart Control

Like all Ross products, Carbonite Mosaic is part of the DashBoard Control Ecosystem. DashBoard makes it easy to control your display layouts or even your entire venue, from a single interface.

Carbonite Mosaic Announcement Video

Carbonite Mosaic is built to get high-quality video onto your large-screen display, quickly and easily.


10 Tile Outputs

With up to 10 independently-controlled tile outputs, it’s easy to put together a massive single display or feed multiple displays across your venue. Learn more…

Media Storage

While live effects are created upstream, Carbonite Mosaic’s flexible architecture gives every input additional storage space to load a still image. This is great for simple branding or as backup sources for your screens. Learn more…

Video Processing & HDR

Ensure a consistent look across every canvas. Carbonite Mosaic is built with complete video processing on inputs and outputs. In addition, this system provides support for HDR formats. Learn more…

Canvas Layouts

Enjoy the ease of preset layouts or create unique layouts for your show. Learn more…


Manage all your sources and screens with a fully-equipped monitoring platform, including 3 I/O MultiViewers and 1 canvas layout MultiViewer. Learn more…

Memories & Macros

Mosaic uses the same comprehensive memory and custom control system of Carbonite, to make it easy to store & recall your screen layouts and to condense your show into a few button presses. Learn more…

Control Interfaces


DashBoard, a comprehensive facility control system, can form the backbone for a complete, integrated venue control environment. Using DashBoard, control of virtually any device, including Mosaic, large displays, audio systems, mechanical devices, even lighting systems and more, can be reduced to simple, one-button operations.

Ross Switcher

Carbonite Mosaic connects directly to Carbonite or Acuity switchers via RossTalk protocol. Recall layouts from your control room switcher for a quick and efficient show.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship



Pixel-Accurate Graphics

XPression Tessera

XPression Tessera brings beautiful graphics to massive display canvases. Tessera is great for complementing your high-quality upscaled video from Carbonite Mosaic or for lighting up your entire venue with awe-inspiring graphics for an exciting fan experience.


FEATURES Carbonite Mosaic
SDI Inputs 36 inputs (3G HD-SDI)
SDI Outputs 25 outputs (3G HD-SDI)
Independent Tile Outputs (1920 x 1080) 10 tile outputs with 5 layers each (1 background and 4 key layers)



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Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades
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