Software Releases

Acuity has a rich feature set that continues to grow…

Version 9.0
Version 9.0 Release Notes | Highlights

Now available, please contact technical support to get your free upgrade.

MultiViewer Updates & MultiViewer MediaStores

  • Multiviewers now include 4-output heads
  • 20 shared video buses
  • Additional access to local sources including other MultiViewer heads and floating 3D DVE channel monitoring
  • Total of 32 sources available to any of the 4 heads with 49 Layouts to choose from
  • MediaStore in the MultiViewers – 4 channel MediaStore with 8 GB of RAM cache – that function just like ME MediaStores and are available system-wide

Carbonite Black Control Panel Support

  • Added support for CB1 and CB2 panels
  • When used with an ARP, can function as Primary/Master panel in a system – great for OverDrive panel-lite installs
  • SoftPanel support when used as a secondary or Satellite panel

Custom Control Enhancements

  • Modify individual events in Custom Controls.
  • Attach Custom Controls to input for On-Air, Off-Air and now On Preset
  • Separate events from Roll Clip

Bus Copies

  • Copy to/from the Alpha Channel of Keyer buses. This is also used as the second channel in a 2-Box single key element.
  • Relative bus copies (primarily for OverDrive customers)

Post DVE Mask for Boxes

  • PST PATT DVE Keys can now apply a mask that is after the DVE. This is perfect for bumping a DVE under a Graphic, rather than having to adjust your camera

Mnemonic Colours

  • More colours to choose from
  • Pick any colours in the scheme that are assigned
  • ME, Custom Control, AUX Bus and any of the 9 user colours can all be used as assignments for the Source and Custom Controls
  • Independent Keyer Colour on panels
  • Select either to follow the 8 ME colours or follow the user colours!

Additional Personality Options

  • Shift an ME – when selecting any shift on any of the Buses, all of the rows for that ME will be shifted
  • DoubleDown Panels – select how the Rows will delegate based on keyer selection assignments
  • Custom Control Memory State – Set Effects Dissolve and Keys Only within the Custom Control before recall, regardless of how the memory was initially stored.