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Carbonite Ultra 24-Input Production Switcher

More powerful, more compact and more affordable than ever. Carbonite Ultra uses the latest technology to distill the best of the Carbonite series into a single, next generation platform.

Industry Standard

Built on the foundation of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-sized switcher platform. Carbonite Ultra is backed by a team with 40+ years of production switcher development and one of the highest-rated customer support teams in the industry.

More than a switcher

Frame syncs, format conversions, extensive production monitoring, powerful chroma keying, audio mixing/processing and more… all in a single 1RU frame. You will be ready for anything a production can throw at you.

Format Independent

Video the way you need it. Carbonite Ultra supports all common video standards including SD, HD, 3G 1080P, as well as 12G UHD for multi-ME configurations. Also, Carbonite Ultra can add an optional license for a full set of I/O processing resources to ensure a visually-consistent and engaging production.

Secured Investment

Continually benefit from a software-defined hardware platform that is built to last you a lifetime. Carbonite Ultra customers will receive new features via free-of-charge software updates and exciting new software-licensed functions that go beyond just a production switcher.


Better but not necessarily bigger. All of Carbonite Ultra’s robust features and substantial I/O have been built into a single 1RU chassis. This production switcher will fit anywhere you need it to.

Starting at $10,900*

Sleeker, feature-rich and ready for shows in any format. The best part? Carbonite Ultra is offered at the lowest price Ross has ever offered for a mid-size production switcher. Serious production horsepower and technology is now more affordable than ever. *USA pricing, international prices will vary.

Carbonite Ultra v5.0 Now Available
Featuring DashBoard integration updates and TouchDrive Control Panel support

The latest software release for Carbonite Ultra, Graphite, and Graphite PPC provides new DashBoard features and support for the TouchDrive family of control panels.
Carbonite Ultra Overview Video

Carbonite Ultra packs 24 IN / 14 OUT, up to 3 full MEs and 4 built-in MiniMEs – into a single 1RU chassis. Now that’s production wizardry!


3 Full MEs & 4 MiniMEs

Carbonite Ultra’s 1RU chassis packs up to 3 full MEs & 4 built- in floating MiniMEs, equivalent to a 7ME switcher with 20 key channels! Learn more…

Device Integration

Through Dashboard and built-in control protocols, Carbonite Ultra integrates seamlessly with both Ross Video and 3rd party products. Now with the ability to display device and custom panels on the Carbonite Ultra’s Dashboard GUI, device integration is tighter than ever.

Macros & Memories

An intelligent memory system and timeline macros can reduce the most complex events down to a single button push. Learn more…

Media Playback

For still & animated media, there are 4 fully-independent MediaStores. Say goodbye to ganging channels, because each MediaStore is now fully-capable of handling key + fill media. Learn more…

Monitoring Solution

For source and production monitoring, Carbonite Ultra provides up to 4 16-window MultiViewers, for viewing of up to 64 internal and external sources. That’s double the monitoring power of the original Carbonite series. Learn more…

Chroma Key

UltraChrome is a chroma key that rivals the quality of an external chroma keyer. Unique features like soft-edge masks and auto-image analysis make it easy to setup quickly and get the best results from your green screen. Complemented with built-in frame delay, it is a perfect fit in virtual set productions.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship



12G / UHD Production Switcher

Carbonite Ultra offers a 12G/UHD feature set that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a mid-size class production switcher:

  • 2160p 60 / 59.94 / 50
  • 18 x 12G inputs or 16 x 12G & 2 Quad-Link 2SI inputs
  • 10 x 12G outputs
  • 1 or 2 UHD MEs*
  • 2 UHD MiniMEs
  • 2 UHD channels of DVE
  • 2 UHD channels of MediaStore with Key+Fill
  • 2 UHD chroma keyers
  • Up to 2 MultiViewers (1080P) – 2nd MultiViewer via software license

Standard UHD Video Processing:

  • 2 Frame Sync/Format Converters – assignable to any input or output
  • 2 Proc Amp/Colour Correctors – assignable to any input or output

PLUS I/O UHD Video Processing**:

  • 7 Frame Sync / Format converter – assignable to any input
  • 1 input Format Converter assignable to any input
  • 4 Format Converters – assignable to any output
  • 8 Proc Amps / Colour Correctors – assignable to any input or output

Carbonite Ultra offers the complete, flexible set of operational resources you need to create a compelling production in UHD.

*UHD ME1 requires standard ADD-ME2 license, UHD ME2 requires standard ADD-ME3 license.
**Available via software license

Familiar Control

Carbonite Ultra makes you productive immediately with a range of control choices suited to operators of any caliber:
TouchDrive TD3S
TouchDrive TD2S
TouchDrive TD2
TouchDrive TD1
TouchDrive TD1C
Carbonite Black Solo CB9

TouchDrive TD3S Control Panel

The beautiful new TouchDriveTM TD3S panel includes 25 crosspoint buttons and three full ME rows. Like all TouchDriveTM panels, the ergonomically designed TD3S features bright, easy-to-read multi-function touch displays. Both the TD3S and TD2S also include individual ME Effects Memory Control keypads.

TouchDrive TD2S Control Panel

The TouchDriveTM TD2S 25-button, 2-ME row panel is a more space-conscious version of the larger TD3S. Like all TouchDriveTM panels, the TD2S runs DashBoard natively, eliminating the need for an external computer.

TouchDrive TD2 Control Panel

The TouchDriveTM TD2 features 15 buttons and 2 ME rows. With a smaller footprint than the TD2S, the TD2 still provides a Global Memory system and the ability to map Memories to individual bus row buttons for fast, accurate recall.

TouchDrive TD1 Control Panel

Like its larger cousin, the TouchDriveTM TD1 also features 15 crosspoint buttons, but only a single ME row. This compact panel provides the same functionality as larger TouchDriveTM panels, including the innovative 6-axis Joystick and user-configurable buttons.

TouchDrive TD1C Control Panel

The exceptionally compact TD1C panel is “right-sized” for rack or in-desk mounting, making it a perfect addition to a fly-pack or small mobile unit. With 15 crosspoint buttons, on-board DashBoard, and exclusive multi-function touch displays, the TD1C provides the same professional-grade toolset as other TouchDriveTM panels while saving space and power.

Carbonite Black Solo CB9 Panel

The Carbonite Black Solo CB9 panel is fully-compatible with Graphite. This compact 9-button / 1 ME control panel is a great choice for small productions, where a simple and low-cost panel is desired. The CB9 offers many of the larger panel features including dedicated keyer buttons, full next transition area, X/Y/Z joystick and of course – the legendary Ross fader bar! Learn more…


ViewControl consolidates the control of a Graphite system onto a single intuitive touch screen interface. By leveraging the internal Carbonite’s powerful Custom Control macros and Ross DashBoard interface, every production element is visually displayed for instant touch selection.


Crew your show as you see fit, with DashBoard network control. This software application provides full control of the internal Carbonite switcher and RAVE audio mixer, making it easy to separate roles for multiple operators during high-intensity events. Want to keep staffing costs low? A single operator can efficiently run an entire show with a DashBoard CustomPanel, a single customized interface that can streamline control of your entire production solution. Learn more…

Format Independent Hardware

Support for Common Video Standards
Carbonite Ultra offers native support for SD, HD, 3G 1080P, and 12G UHD formats.

HDR Compatible
Carbonite Ultra supports the range of HDR formats including HLG, PQ and S-LOG3 – plus support for bi-directional SDR to HDR-HLG conversion.

Signal Processing
Carbonite Ultra ships with 8 FSFC+ as standard, which can be assigned to any input or output. Each FSFC+ offers Frame Syncs for inputs – along with Color Correction, Proc Amps and Format Conversion for inputs and outputs. For productions in need of serious signal processing power, Carbonite Ultra can be configured with FSFC+ on every input and output.  Carbonite Ultra makes it easy to put together a visually-consistent production.

Standalone Reference Generator
Lock Carbonite Ultra into the available house reference (Black Burst / Tri-Level) or use Carbonite Ultra’s built-in reference generator (Black Burst only) to sync your equipment. The ability to output reference directly from the Carbonite Ultra frame is great for small flight packs and mobile production vehicles.

The USB Media Player Update

Carbonite Ultra’s v3.0 software version added an internal single-channel USB media player to the switcher, along with a host of other powerful features:

USB Media Player
A Ross-only feature, Carbonite Ultra V3.0 adds a dedicated single-channel clip player for playout of compressed MPEG-4 AVC media directly from a connected USB-media drive.  Users can load media clips of any length; the only limitation is your USB drive storage. The internal clip player is assignable as a source on any bus in the switcher and playout is easily controlled from a dedicated DashBoard interface, Custom Control or AMP command.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide Color Gamut (WCG) Conversion
When operating in UHD formats, Carbonite Ultra V3.0 provides bi-directional conversion between SDR and a variety of HDR formats such as HLG, PQ and S-LOG3; as well as bi-directional WCG conversion (Rec.709 <>Rec.2020). With the combination of UHD and HDR/WCG support, Carbonite Ultra is the premier choice maximum-quality visuals to your audience.

Direct UltriTouch Integration
Direct integration with the Ultritouch system control and monitoring panel is better than ever with Carbonite Ultra V3.0. When an Ultritouch is pointed at a Carbonite Ultra, a purpose-built menu layout is served up by the switcher which includes: Status, Bus Assignment, Custom Control Shotbox and more. Users still have the ability to create their own custom-programmed Ultritouch interfaces to streamline control of their show, but these native menu layouts make it much easier to plug-in and get started with Ultritouch and Carbonite Ultra.

Free-Floating ME/MiniME Architecture
With v3.0, MEs are no longer restricted to a fixed position the stream. Carbonite Ultra’s free-floating MiniMEs have always been immensely useful for additional dissolves and key layers, and now that MEs follow the same flexible architecture you can put the 7ME performance of Carbonite Ultra to work in the way that best suits your productions.

Improved AMP Control
Carbonite Ultra v3.0 expands the number of AMP controls available directly from the switcher panel including:

  • Clip list View and Recall
  • Cue and Play clips directly from clip list
  • Record, Jog, Shuttle, Fast Forward, Rewind & Loop Playback commands

This newly expanded set of AMP controls makes Carbonite Ultra an even better complement to our Tria Express, Tria+, and Tria+ UHD production servers.

Carbonite Ultra V5.0

TouchDriveTM Control Panel Support
The high-res LCD touch-displays and built-in DashBoard computer in the new TouchDriveTM panels provide unprecedented information and control to the operator.

New MediaManager
The MediaManager interface has been completely integrated into DashBoard and now adds media upload capability directly from the built-in DashBoard computer.

New DashBoard Menus
With updated Configuration and Live Assist tabs, as well as access to more menu settings, DashBoard is now a more integrated switcher management tool.

New SoftPanel Functionality
The DashBoard SoftPanel interface is now a truly independent satellite panel.

MultiPanel in DashBoard
Configuring multiple control panels, including SoftPanel, can now be accomplished using the DashBoard interface.

Personality Menu
Frame and panel Personality settings are now available in DashBoard so Bus Maps, User Button assignments, Color Schemes and more can all be applied independently to master or satellite panels.

Import/Export Switcher Sets
Transferring Sets from one switcher to another is even easier with the import/export tools now built into Dashboard.

Improved Memory Interface
Switcher Memories can be named in DashBoard and displayed on the TouchDriveTM panel. Additionally, switcher levels and enabled memory attributes are also displayed.

Download the no-cost software upgrade for Carbonite Ultra.


SD / HD / 1080P 24 14 1-3 4
12G / UHD 18 (12G) 10 (12G) 1-2 2

Starting at $10,900*

*USA pricing, international prices will vary.

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