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Ultrix Acuity
Hyperconverged Production Platform

Computers that used to require rooms full of racks now fit in your pocket…

Imagine if a large production system with routing, audio mixing, MultiViewers, trays of frame syncs and audio embedders – occupying multiple equipment racks – could fit into one small rack. Imagine no more: it is available now, and we call it Ultrix Acuity.

The power of Ross Video’s flagship production switcher and the game-changing feature set of its flexible hybrid routing platform have been merged to create a complete, future-proof solution that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Size Matters

Incredibly, the massive routing and audio processing capabilities of Ultrix along with the dazzling effects repertoire of Acuity are integrated seamlessly into a single chassis, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium, such as OB vans and mobile units. Add of rack-mounted redundant power and the result is a complete system that can outperform packages requiring multiple racks and complex cabling.

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Mix and Match Fearlessly

The flexible architecture of Ultrix Acuity means that format and connectivity challenges simply disappear. Transition from HD to UHD with a simple software license. Mix SDI and IP sources in the same frame transparently. Use sophisticated tie-line management tools to incorporate the system into a larger distributed processing fabric. In short, as needs and customer demands change, the unmatched flexibility of Ultrix Acuity can easily keep pace.

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Ross developed the concept of the Software-Defined Production Engine – SDPE. The idea is to avoid costly “forklift” upgrades by providing base hardware that can grow with simple, cost-effective software licenses. Ultrix Acuity was designed and engineered using an SDPE platform so new functionality or enhanced features can be easily added. Ultrix Acuity’s SDPE backbone will reduce the uncertainty of meeting future creative or technical requirements.

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By fusing Ultrix and Acuity into one compact and uniquely powerful package, the total cost of ownership is reduced because expensive power, cooling, maintenance, and support costs are significantly lower. And since Ultrix Acuity can become one node of a larger distributed production environment, the incremental cost of adding I/O and further production switchers is reduced.

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Comfortably Familiar

As game-changing as Ultrix Acuity is, operators might not even notice because they’ll continue to work as they always have, using the same control surfaces they’ve become accustomed to. This can lower the cost of training and reduce the ramp-up time normally associated with new hardware. In fact, only those responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining Ultrix Acuity will truly appreciate how revolutionary the product really is.

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Peace of Mind Included

Ultrix Acuity’s robust hardware is designed and engineered for 24/7 mission-critical applications. But if assistance is needed, Ross Video Technical support is second to none. A range of support options means that technical services can be tailored to the specific needs of the facility and are available 24/7/365.

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Ultrix Acuity
Now available in an Ultrix FR12 or Ultrix FR5

Ultrix Acuity can now be configured within an FR12 or FR5 frame to offer an even wider range of functionality including routing, audio mixing, MultiViewers, frame syncs, audio embedders and of course, video switching.
Ultrix Acuity Introduction

Ultrix Acuity takes routing, audio mixing, MultiViewers, trays of frame syncs and audio embedders – all solutions that have traditionally filled multiple equipment racks – and compresses them all down to a single chassis.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.

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Product Introduction:



Size Matter: Consolidate your Production Equipment



Ultrix Acuity: Hyperconverged Production



Integrated Production Platform

Acuity video switcher boards have been re-engineered to tightly integrate into the Ultrix router audio/video processing platform. This allows Acuity to access and feed Ultrix inputs and outputs and leverage Ultrix features such as Frame Syncs, MultiViewers, and audio processing.  This offers the best of all worlds, within a frame that is much easier and simpler to install and maintain.

Extensive M/E Resources

Ultrix Acuity provides multiple powerful Mix/Effects Banks, each with six keyers, split M/E architecture and programmable transition and key assignment capability. What’s more, these same resources are available whether you are working in HD or UHD. Never have to sacrifice significant resources because you are working in UHD rather than HD.

Multiple I/O Options

Ultrix Acuity offers a range of I/O boards that can be mixed and matched within the frame. Choose boards with HD-BNCs, RJ-45 connectors, even user-definable SFPs, and populate available slots in any combination. Learn more…

Massive Audio Capability

Ultrix Acuity provides a huge, independently-controllable routing matrix for embedded or MADI audio signals. The core system provides clean, quiet switching and embedding/de-embedding on every input and output. For even greater audio control, add the unique Ultrimix-MXR software-defined virtual audio mixer option. Learn more…

Control Options

Ultrix Acuity provides an extensive array of control options, including Acuity Control Panels, Ultritouch 2RU and 4RU monitoring stations, and RCP router control panels. The system will fit seamlessly into an OverDrive production automation environment and is also fully supported by DashBoard, Ross Video’s command and control software application that allows for the creation of task-specific custom control panels.


The Software-Defined Production Engine at the heart of Ultrix Acuity allows easy upgrades and feature additions. Enable 12G operation, add user-configurable MultiViewers, Frame Syncs, 3D DVEs, or Ultrimix-MXR quickly and easily with available software licenses. Ultrix Acuity can even be merged into an enterprise-wide hybrid routing network using Ultricore-TLX.

Control Panels

From fully manual to advanced automation workflows, there’s a perfect control surface for the task.

  • Acuity Control Panels are compatible with the entire line of Acuity and Ultrix Acuity products
  • The stunning TouchDrive control surfaces can be paired with Ultrix Acuity, Ultrix Carbonite, Carbonite Black/Plus/12G, Carbonite Ultra or the Graphite all-in-one platform.
Frame Configuration Tool

Mix and Match to meet your unique requirements or leave slots empty for easy future upgrades. Please visit our Image Gallery to see some of the possible frame configurations. You can also use our online Frame Configuration tool to customize your own Ultrix Acuity and request a quote.

To begin, click the link below and select the 5RU Ultrix frame size.


Chassis FR5 FR12
Number of Slots 8 Standard slots
1 Flex Slot (I/O Blades only)
Maximum SDPE Blades per Chassis 4 Configuration dependent

Let Ultrix Acuity Work for You

With Ultrix Acuity we merged our routing and switching platform to create a production solution that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.



Ultrix Acuity Brochure Download

Configuration Guide

Configuration Guide
Ultrix Acuity Configuration Guide Download


Carbonite Aux Panel / Ethernet Router Panel Labels (NK Panels - LBL) Download
Carbonite Black Aux Panel / Ethernet Router Panel Labels (NK Panels - LBL) Download
Carbonite Button Inserts Download


Ultrix Acuity Operation Manual Download
Ultrix Acuity Setup Manual Download
Ultrix Acuity Frame Specifications Download

Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades
Ultrix Acuity Software Updates Download

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