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Kiva+ | Presentation Video Server

Kiva+ brings an impressive, user-driven digital media playout solution to the live sports and entertainment industry that will take your live productions to another level.

With a simple click, the highly intuitive operator-driven Kiva user interface presents a variety of digital media assets into venue videoboards with unparalleled flexibility and ease. These include real-time video clips, ‘fill+matte’ stills and animations, surround-sound audio, and sponsored advertisements.

With Kiva+, all your live productions are instantly simplified. Incoming media are quickly ingested, efficiently organized, and easily presented during live sports shows, concerts, and events.


Kiva+ is built with dedicated, real-time hardware media processing engines, ensuring your live productions will never suffer from video playout stutters, audio dropouts, user interface freezes, or unexpected hang-ups. Even quitting the main user interface won’t interrupt any active recordings or live media playout. Simply re-launch the Kiva Presenter app to see and hear that all live operations have continued as they were! Can your current presentation solution do that?


“Easy” is built into Kiva’s DNA. Easy to learn, easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to maintain means operational peace of mind is naturally delivered with Kiva+.


Integrated media file import tools featuring expansive codec transcoding allows Kiva+ to ingest just about any media file your clients throw at you! Every imported media file is automatically re-scaled, cleanly re-sampled, and precisely re-formatted to exactly match the video standard of your live productions. These media files can be imported across your 10G network or from a portable USB drive—also at speeds up to 10G..


Kiva+ uniquely supports ‘single-asset’ media file workflows, even when motion-clip media contains ‘fill+matte+audio’ elements. The ‘VKA architecture’ of Kiva+ supports these three elements as a single media file asset throughout the entire media production workflow—including media creation, transfer, ingest, and playout. This dramatically simplifies motion clip management, reduces pre-production time, and ultimately saves money.


The highly visual nature of the main Kiva+ user interface ensures operators can efficiently and confidently perform both pre-production and live production tasks. Most professional playout operators will feel instantly comfortable with Kiva’s ‘shotbox style’ interface, making it easy to find qualified operational staff.


Kiva+ lets operators ‘play & recue’ any visual media in Preview before taking to Program, ensuring the correct clip is always presented. Upcoming items in playlists already being presented can be quickly and easily rearranged on the fly. Unwanted playlist items can be easily skipped or removed, or new items can be added, all without interrupting the item currently being presented.

Kiva+ Presentation Video Server

With Kiva+, all your live productions are instantly simplified. Incoming media are quickly ingested, efficiently organized, and then easily presented during live sports shows, concerts, and events.


Audio Agility

We get it. Sound is equally as important as the visuals in your live productions. Kiva+ cleanly handles the audio needs required by most live-event presentations. That’s why digital audio is handled with professional quality using 48kHz sampling and 24-bit resolution. Learn more…

Connectivity Galore!

We know crucial digital media will arrive at your live production facility through a wide variety of means—sometimes, at the very last conceivable moment. That’s why Kiva+ is designed with the connectivity required to handle just about every possible ingest scenario. Learn more…

Redundantly Robust

Kiva+ is designed from the ground up to be operationally stable and extremely robust, ensuring your live productions are presented without any glitches or missed cues. Learn more…

Integrated Quad Viewer

The Kiva operator isn’t the only person in the control room that needs to monitor the Preview and Program players. That’s why each set of these ‘player channel pairs’ features a built-in Quad Viewer, provided on a dedicated HD-SDI video output. Learn more…

Wide-Ranging Remote Control

The comprehensive Kiva+ user interface isn’t the only way to control media playout from the PVW and PGM players. Several remote-control alternatives are also available. Learn more…

Choice of Media Storage

Some folks need a little bit of media storage. Some folks need a lot! Kiva+ has you covered, either way. Learn more…

One, Two, and Three-Channel Models

Kiva+ is available in three different “channel pair” models, so you can choose the option that best fits your production needs and budget.

In the Kiva+ One-Channel model, there is one base-band video+audio recording input, one Video+Key Preview Player output, and one Video+Key Program Player output. The Kiva+ Two-Channel model doubles these video channel resources, and the Kiva+ Three-Channel model triples them.

Are you on a limited budget or have smaller-scale productions and not yet ready for the Kiva+ Two or Three-Channel models? Start with the One-Channel model and then upgrade to the Kiva+ Two-or Three-Channel model when your budget permits or when your production needs change. Upgrading is a simple as plugging in one or two PCIe video boards into the Kiva+ server chassis.


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For real-time record and play operations, the high-performance Kiva+ Presentation video server utilizes high-quality AVC-Intra video hardware. When importing video media files into Kiva+, this professional-level image quality is best maintained by creating those files with the AVC-Intra Class 100 video codec.

When AVC-Intra Class 100 media files are imported into Kiva+, no media file transcoding is involved so they are imported in the shortest amount of time. Import speeds can range from 5X up to 40X real-time when 10-gigabit data connections are used in conjunction with external storage devices that incorporate similar, extremely high-speed technology such as storage devices featuring modern NVMe SSD technology.

Kiva+ can also easily ingest media files created with just about any other video codec. These files will be cleanly transcoded into the AVC-Intra codec upon import into Kiva+—however, these files will ingest at speeds much slower than AVC-Intra Class 100 media files.

HD Video (1.5G) 720p /50 /59.94
1080i /50 /59.94
HD Video (3G) 1080p /23.98 /24 /25 / 29.97 /30 /50 /59.94 /60
Kiva+ One-Channel Model While operating in: 720p/1080i
40-Hours | 80-Hours | 580-Hours
While operating in: 1080p
20-Hours | 40-Hours | 290-Hours
Kiva+ Two-Channel Model While operating in: 720p/1080i
40-Hours | 80-Hours | 580-Hours
While operating in: 1080p
20-Hours | 40-Hours | 290-Hours
Kiva+ Three-Channel Model While operating in: 720p/1080i
40-Hours | 80-Hours | 580-Hours
While operating in: 1080p
20-Hours | 40-Hours | 290-Hours



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