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MC1 Master Control & Branding

MC1 is a cost-effective, modular Master Control Switcher and Branding solution. The MC1 system scales from stand-alone branding to multi-channel master control installations adapting easily to manual or automated control.

Mix, Key, Brand

At its core, MC1 is a powerful AV mixer, offering 4 keyers, logo playout, transitions with full preview. You get the tools you need to build your on-air brand.

Tame Your Audio

Shuffle, correct your levels, sum and downmix. Keep your audio in check with fast, intuitive presets and manual overrides. Need to duck your audio for a voice-over? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Integrated Solution

MC1 offers complete Master Control solutions, offering Multiviewers, frame synchronizers and advanced audio connectivity. It will also integrate seamlessly into most popular routing systems.

Flexible Control

Manage multiple Master Controls with ease from an intuitive DashBoard touchscreen or tactile hardware control panel. Run in manual or automated or semi-automated, supporting most popular automation systems.


From single stand-alone branding to large multi-channel Master Control; MC1 can scale to your needs.  


It features hardware bypass to keep your channel on air in any situation. MC1 can also be used as great backup to Channel-in-a-box and IP playout systems.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship




Audio Control

MC1 features flexible audio shuffling, ensuring all your audio channels are in order, with adjustable gain and downmix. Learn more…

Audio Mixing

An integrated multi-channel audio mixer allows simultaneous mixing of up to 16 audio channels, complete with programmable transition types and rates. Learn more…


Perform smooth on-air SqueezeBack transitions to reveal another video source or graphic with ease. Learn more…

Keying & Branding

MC1 features a background mixer and 4 downstream keyers. With an external key/fill source and 4 logo generators, your on-air look can be tailored exactly to your needs. Learn more…


Designed to fit into your playout environment, MC1 features a rich set of control interfaces. Supporting most popular automation systems via IP, serial or GPI control, MC1 can be easily configured for unattended 24/7 operation. Learn more…


MC1 is a modular solution that is scalable to fit your needs. From a single control interface, up to 10 channels can be integrated. Learn more…

Control Panel

The optional MC1 control panel is fully customizable and supports scalable multi-channel operation.

The panel’s customizable soft-touch buttons with programmable mnemonics and instant control of up to 10 channels, with easily accessible menus that auto-follow, brings the MC1 to a whole new level—ensuring a reliable and smooth experience.

The panel can be installed in-desk or rack mount and includes a redundant power supply option. The panel connects directly to each MC1 via Ethernet, providing greater installation flexibility.



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MC1-DB-CLN QuickStart Guide
MC1-MK Installation Manual
MC1-MK Operation Manual
MC1-MK Comtrol DM Setup Sheet
MC1-MK QuickStart Guide
MC1-MK EAS-911 Setup Sheet
MC1-MK GVG Series 7000 Setup Sheet
MC1-MK NK-VRC Setup Sheet
MC1-MK Presmaster Setup Sheet
MC1-MK Probel SW-P-08 Setup Sheet
MC1-MK SAGE Setup Sheet
MC1-MK RossTalk Setup Sheet
MC1-MK TSL UMD Setup Sheet
MC1 PANEL User Manual
MC1 PANEL Desk Mounting Installation
MC1 PANEL Hardware Quick Start Guide


MC1 Dimensions for flush mounting

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