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High-quality master control and branding are now affordable with the MC1 family of Master Control Switchers. Supporting workflows from SD to UHD 4K, MC1 scales from stand-alone branding to multi-channel master control installations. It adapts easily to manual or automated control. MC1 UHD provides peace of mind by solving your keying and branding needs in master control and playout workflows. If you require high-quality HD or UHD with low latency, multiple keyers, logo store, and 24/7 reliability, MC1 UHD is the ideal solution.

Secure Your Content

On-prem, off-prem, private cloud or public cloud, SDI or IP, master control is all about releasing a linear channel reliably and securely. Don’t lose control of your content in the cloud. Unbranded cloud-stored content is an easy target for theft. On-premise program branding protects your valuable assets.

Choose Your Workflow

Use the graphics, playout and automation workflow of your choice. Don’t be limited by fixed bundled solutions that may not meet your needs or integrate with the rest of your facility.

Tame Your Audio

Shuffle, correct your levels, sum and downmix. Keep your audio in check with fast, intuitive presets and manual overrides. Need to duck your audio for a voice-over? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Scale Your Brand

From single stand-alone branding to large multi-channel Master Control; MC1 can scale to your needs. Grow your brand from SD to HD to stunning 4K UHD.

Take Control

Manage multiple Master Controls with ease from an intuitive DashBoard touchscreen or tactile hardware control panel. Run in manual or automated or semi-automated, supporting most popular automation systems.

The Full Package

MC1 offers complete Master Control solutions, offering Multiviewers, frame synchronizers and advanced audio connectivity. It will also integrate seamlessly into most popular routing systems.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


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Audio Control

MC1 features flexible audio shuffling, ensuring all your audio channels are in order, with adjustable gain and downmix. Each source can be independently configured with multiple presets to handle changing feeds with ease. Manage voice-over and audio-over needs with MC1. At the push of a button, a program audio can be ducked (to a user-selected level) and VO inserted, with fully programmable audio gain level.

Branding Power

MC1 features 4 keyers with both external key/fill sources and internal logo generators. Logos can be pre-loaded or driven from XPression via Rosslinq network interface. Logos can be positioned and can be triggered with flexible animation playout control. MC1 allows your on-air look to be tailored exactly to your needs.


Perform smooth on-air SqueezeBack transitions to reveal another video source or graphic with ease. Squeezebacks can be integrated into standard transitions, either with or without keys. Squeezeback size, position and aspect can be stored as preset for clean, repeatable squeezes every time!

Flexible Keying

MC1 features a background mixer and 4 downstream keyers. All key and background transitions feature full preview, so you always know what’s coming up next. Use with a router as part of a complete Master Control switcher, or stand-alone as a powerful branding engine.

Also included is an integrated EAS crawl generator featuring user-selectable size, color and scrolling speed.


Designed to fit into your playout environment, MC1 features a rich set of control interfaces. Supporting most popular automation systems via IP, serial or GPI control, MC1 can be easily configured for unattended 24/7 operation. However, when manual control is required, included touchscreen GUI via DashBoard™ or optional hard control panel make hands-on operation a snap. MC1 also interfaces with Ross Ultrix and NK routers, or many 3rd party routers via popular control protocols.


MC1 is a modular openGear solution that is scalable to fit your needs. Up to 10 channels can fit into a single openGear frame and up to 10 channels can be integrated into a single control interface. Channels may be independently controlled (either manually or through automation) or be ganged together for simplified multi-format or multi-language applications. Adding additional channels to the system are easy, allowing MC1 to grow with you.

The MC1 Family

Choose the MC1 Solution that meets your needs:

Cost-effective Master Control & Branding for SD, HD and 3G-SDI.
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Powerful HD and UHD Master Control & Branding for HD / 3G / 12G-SDI.
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MC1-DB-CLN QuickStart Guide Download
MC1-MK Installation Manual Download
MC1-MK Operation Manual Download
MC1-MK Comtrol DM Setup Sheet Download
MC1-MK QuickStart Guide Download
MC1-MK EAS-911 Setup Sheet Download
MC1-MK GVG Series 7000 Setup Sheet Download
MC1-MK NK-VRC Setup Sheet Download
MC1-MK Presmaster Setup Sheet Download
MC1-MK Probel SW-P-08 Setup Sheet Download
MC1-MK SAGE Setup Sheet Download
MC1-MK RossTalk Setup Sheet Download
MC1-MK TSL UMD Setup Sheet Download
MC1-UHD User Guide Download
MC1 PANEL User Manual Download
MC1 PANEL Desk Mounting Installation Download
MC1 PANEL Hardware Quick Start Guide Download


MC1 Dimensions for flush mounting Download

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