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MC1 is a keying, branding and master control system that scales to the needs of your SD, HD or UHD playout channel from simple logo insertion to fully automated master control. It is part of a complete Ross suite of Master Control tools but can also be integrated into an existing channel playout and distribution chain, adapting to existing tools and workflow, including most popular automation and EAS systems.

MC1 offers high quality keying, mixing and logo insertion capabilities plus DVE and audio processing tools to realize your channel and brand’s potential, built on the robust openGear platform providing a rock-solid installation.


Deliver on-air product that leverages trusted infrastructure and workflows with the graphics, playout, and automation workflow of your choice. Don’t be limited by fixed bundled solutions that may not meet your needs or integrate with the rest of your facility.


Ensure the quality and accuracy of your on-air product. MC1 doesn’t limit your choices of graphic workflow, you get to choose the one that satisfies your production or workflow requirement best. Its hardware-based engine means that, even in UHD, you maintain all advanced processing features allowing you to achieve your unique look and branding needs.


Right-size the system to meet your budget and system needs. MC1 is designed from the ground up to meet the scalability needs of your application. It is part of the openGear modular platform and can support multi-channel solutions in a single frame. It seamlessly links to Ultrix or 3rd-party routing systems for flexible input and output growth.


MC1 UHD is designed as a module for the openGear signal processing platform. openGear is a proven platform built for applications demanding the highest reliability with a modular design and redundancy features. UHD SDI technology is proven, easy to use and  troubleshoot.

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Manage multiple Master Controls with ease from an intuitive DashBoard touchscreen or tactile hardware control panel. Run in manual or automated or semi-automated, supporting most popular automation systems.

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The Full Package

MC1 is part of a compete suite Master Control solutions from Ross, including Multiviewers, frame synchronizers, graphics, playout, and advanced audio processing.

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This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship




MC1-UHD Audio Proc Feature

Audio Control

MC1 features flexible audio shuffling, ensuring all your audio channels are in order, with adjustable gain and downmix. Each source can be independently configured with multiple presets to handle changing feeds with ease. Manage voice-over and audio-over needs with MC1. At the push of a button, a program audio can be ducked (to a user-selected level) and VO inserted, with fully programmable audio gain level.

Branding Power

MC1 features 4 keyers with 2 external key/fill sources and 2 internal logo generators. Logos can be pre-loaded or driven from XPression via Rosslinq network interface. Logos can be positioned and can be triggered with flexible animation playout control. MC1 allows your on-air look to be tailored exactly to your needs.


Perform smooth on-air SqueezeBack transitions to reveal another video source or graphic with ease, even in UHD. SqueezeBacks can be integrated into standard transitions, either with or without keys. Squeezeback size, position and aspect can be stored as preset for clean, repeatable squeezes every time!

Flexible Keying

MC1 features a background mixer and 4 downstream keyers. All key and background transitions feature full preview, so you always know what’s coming up next. Use with a router as part of a complete Master Control switcher, or stand-alone as a powerful branding engine.

Also included is an integrated EAS crawl generator featuring user-selectable size, color and scrolling speed.


Designed to fit into your playout environment, MC1 features a rich set of control interfaces. Supporting most popular automation systems via IP, serial or GPI control, MC1 can be easily configured for unattended 24/7 operation. However, when manual control is required, included touchscreen GUI via DashBoard™ or optional hard control panel make hands-on operation a snap. MC1 also interfaces with Ross Ultrix or many 3rd party routers via popular control protocols.


MC1 is a modular openGear solution that is scalable to fit your needs. Up to 10 channels can fit into a single openGear frame and up to 10 channels can be integrated into a single control interface for simplified multi-format or multi-language applications. Adding additional channels to the system are easy, allowing MC1 to grow with you.

Simple Branding or Full Master Control

MC1 UHD can be used as a stand-alone keyer for program branding, or as the heart of a larger, full-feature master control system.


Input / Output

  • Video Inputs:
    • 6 x SD / HD / 3G / 12G-SDI
    • HD-BNC
  • Video Outputs:
    • 6 x SD / HD / 3G / 12G-SDI
    • HD-BNC
  • Video Format Support:
    • SD: 480i59.94, 576i50
    • HD: 720p50/59.94, 1080i50/59.94, 1080p50/59.94
    • UHD: 2160p50/59.94
  • AES Audio Input (GATOR-4A only):
    • 8 x AES3id (75Ω unbalanced)
    • HD-BNC
  • AES Audio Input (GATOR-4B only):
    • 8 x AES3 (110Ω balanced)
    • WECO terminal block
  • Ancillary Data
    • Selectable pass-through or deletion of HANC and VANC payloads
  • GPI / Tally
    • TSL v3.1 Tally/UMD protocol (Serial/IP)
    • 4 x TTL GPI/Tally, non-isolated, WECO terminal block
  • Ref:
    • Blackburst or Tri-Level sync
    • Direct input or shared openGear frame reference

Video Features

  • Background A/B Mix with clean switching
  • Cut / V-fade / Crossfade transition
  • 4 Keyers
  • 2 External Key/Fill Inputs
  • 2 Animated Logo Generators
    • Support for BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TGA
    • Animated logo sequences
    • FTP or XPression RossLinq interface
  • Fade to Black
  • Optional 2D Squeezeback DVE

Audio Features

  • Audio Shuffle
  • Audio Gain / Invert
  • Audio processing presets per video source
  • Quiet audio switching and transitions

Emergency Alert (EAS)

  • Sage-protocol interface (serial or Ethernet)
  • Dedicated Crawl generation
  • Adjustable size, position, color, scroll speed
  • Audio duck and alert tone insertion

Automation and Integration

  • Rosslinq interface to XPression LiveCG
  • External Router: Ultrix or 3rd-party routers via GV SMS-7000
  • Master Control Automation via Presmaster protocol
  • RossTalk
  • GPI
  • TSL Tally/UMD v3.1


  • DashBoard configuration and on-air control GUI
  • Optional hard control surface (MC1-PANEL-16)


  • GATOR-2: 2-slot openGear card (up to 10 cards per OGX frame)
  • GATOR-4A: 4-slot openGear card (up to 5 cards per OGX or OG3 frame)
  • GATOR-4B: 4-slot openGear card (up to 5 cards per OGX or OG3 frame)
  • openGear frame requires Advanced Networking option


  • 5-year warranty

Compare MC1 and MC1 UHD Features


GATOR-MC1 Gator MC1-UHD Mixer/Keyer, including 4 keyers, background mix and support for SD/HD/3G formats. Optional UHD, Master Control and DVE licenses.
MC1-12G-LICENSE Adds support for UHD video formats.
MC1-MASTERCTRL-LICENSE Master Control License for MC1-GATOR Platform. Adds automation, EAS, router and TSL Tally support.
Hardware Options DESCRIPTION
GATOR-MC1 Card with:
6in / 6out SDI
No discrete audio
2 slots
View Rear Module
GATOR-MC1 Card with:
6in / 6out SDI
8 unbalanced AES
4 slots
View Rear Module
GATOR-MC1 Card with:
6in / 6out SDI
8 balanced AES
4 slots
View Rear Module
MC1-PANEL-16 Hard Control Panel for MC1-UHD
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