World's First Scaleable,

Software Enabled Multiviewer

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Ultriscape Software Defined Multiviewer Platform

Ultriscape is the ultimate multiviewer  platform for Studios, OB Vans, and Flypacks. As the world’s first software defined multiviewer, customers realize significant cost, space, and power efficiencies with unparalleled flexibility and agility.

Software Defined

Easily add new multiviewer outputs through additional software licenses.  No additional hardware required.

Integrated Design

Ultriscape is an integrated multiviewer within the Ultrix platform.  Therefore, it can be added to extensive routing, audio processing, and synchronization capabilities to create a completely integrated solution.


Each multiviewer head is completely independent, offering tremendous flexibility for layouts and control.

Pay As You Go

The software defined architecture means you simply buy what you need, when you need it. No need to make critical design decisions upfront, simply add appropriate multiviewer outputs when they are required.

12G & IP Ready

Ultriscape supports inputs from 270Mb/s up to 12G in SDI and IP. This means it’s ready for UHD production when you are, without replacing any hardware or losing capacity.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




House of Worship




Software Defined

Add multiviewer outputs by purchasing software licenses. Up to 6 outputs in a 1RU, 12 outputs in a 2RU, 27 outputs in a 5RU, and up to 48 outputs in a 12RU.

Rich Multiviewer Capabilities

Each multiviewer head supports up to 100 pips.  Completely independent and individually controllable providing superior flexibility.

Industry Leading Quality

Pristine image quality, and low latency make Ultriscape ideal for the most demanding applications and venues.

Industry Standard Control Protocols

Industry standard routing control and multiviewer tally protocols means easy integration into automation systems as well as 3rd party router control systems.

Integrated system

Tight integration with router database and simultaneous access to all router inputs helps make Ultrix and Ultriscape a complete system that is intuitive and powerful.

User friendly

Ultriscape has multiple different modes of operation to meet a variety of applications.  Layout recall via HW and SW panels, flexible layout creation, and simple control and configuration make Ultriscape powerful and easy to use.


Video Matrix Size (max) 36×36 72×72 160×160 288×288
Default I/O Slots 1 (16×16 HD BNC + 2 AUX I/O Ports) 1 (16×16 HD BNC + 2 AUX I/O Ports) None  None
Optional I/O Slots using ULTRIX-HDB-IO 1 (16×16 HD BNC + 2 AUX I/O Ports) 3 (16×16 HD BNC + 2AUX I/O Ports) 9 (16×16 HD BNC + 2AUX I/O Ports) slots 1-8; FLEX slot 16×16 HD BNC only  16 (16×16 HD BNC + 2AUX I/O Ports)
Optional I/O Slots using ULTRIX-IP-IO 1 (x4 25G SFP28 + 2 SFP I/O Ports) 1 (x4 25G SFP28 + 2 SFP I/O Ports) 9 (x4 25G QSFP + 2 SFP I/O Ports) 16 (16 SFP ports + 2AUX I/O Ports)
Ultriscape MV Head License per Slot 3 SDI or 2 IP 3 SDI or 2 IP 3 SDI or 2 IP 3 SDI or 2 IP
Maximum Ultriscape MV heads per System 6 SDI or 2 IP 12 SDI or 6 IP 27 SDI or 18 IP 48 SDI or 32 IP



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