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Ultricore Connectivity Control System

Great hardware is only as good as the control system running it. Ultricore is a fully featured connectivity control system that goes beyond traditional routing configuration and control. It is designed to handle all the usual router requirements as well as harnesses the power of Ultrix, a new breed of modern connectivity platform which is much more than just routing and includes major features like audio and video processing, Multivewers, IP processing, routing and more. Ultricore makes it quick and easy to configure a system and gives your staff an intuitive and powerful set of controls to make operations run smoothly.

Feature Rich

System discovery, Database creation, HW/SW panel configuration all done from one UI.

Easy Systemization

Native routing control support for Probel SW-P-08, GVG Native, NV9000, and TSL 3.1, 4.0, and 5.0 for Multiviewer tally makes Ultricore powered systems easy to work with 3rd party control and automation.

Integrated Design

Use same routing workflows regardless of transport to enable easier integration in hybrid operations – SAME logical configuration – SAME control surfaces – SAME operator confidence.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


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IP Connectivity

Simple, familiar configuration paired with sophisticated discovery and registration makes adding IP into systems straightforward. Learn more…

Simple Configuration

One of Ultricore’s real strengths is how easy it makes configuring a system. The configuration tools draw on decades of experience by people that actually know routers and connectivity. You will find Ultricore visually and logically easy to understand, use and be productive with. Learn more…

Reduction in Setup Time

Ultricore is designed to provide maximum flexibility to you in designing your systems, while providing tools to make things easier. Learn more…

Industry Standard Control Protocols

Industry standard routing control and multiviewer tally protocols means easy integration into automation systems as well as 3rd party router control systems.  Discover, manage, and connect IP streams into your system with NMOS IS-04/05, JSON, EMBER+, and more.

Enhanced User Experience

Ultricore provides integrated, completely customizable software panels free of charge. This gives users flexibility to create panels tailored in type and function for specific applications. Learn more…

Multiviewer, Audio Processing and Routing Fabric

Up to an over 3kx3k audio routing and processing fabric, up to 27 independent Multiviewers, C/Q audio and video routing, and input frame synchronization are all available on Ultrix.  Harness all that power with Ultricore.

Ultricore & Advanced Control

The industry is going through rapid change. New signal transport standards and network topologies are bringing systemic challenges as these are being adopted. What is extremely critical is that even with these changes the speed, workflows, and configurations of these system remain easy, fast, reliable, and intuitive. Ultricore BCS is built on decades of experience in optimizing and understanding user workflows. Most importantly, it has been designed to harness the best of these new emerging technologies while maintaining the best of traditional workflows. The result is a powerful, scalable, control system that is easy to adopt and use and can grow as your needs evolve.

Ultricore IP

  • Optional Powerful SW License that runs on the NEW Ultricore BCS System Controller • Scalable based on the number of streams required for control in the system
  • Use same routing workflows regardless of transport to enable easier integration in hybrid operations:
    • SAME logical configuration, SAME control surfaces, SAME operator confidence


  • Optional Tie-Line Manager license for Ultricore-BCS
  • Supports shortest-available, multi-hop automatic path finding
  • Works in conjunction with Ultrix-IP / Ultricore-IP to route SDI or IP Video seamlessly
  • Allows tie-lines between all supported router types (Ultrix, NK, supported 3rd party matrices)
  • Connect between sites or expand system I/O
  • Simple, DashBoard based tie-line configuration and status/monitoring GUI (table based)

Ultricore BCS & IP Systems

ROSS Direct (Using Ultricore IP)

  • Ultricore IP discovers, registers, and exposes multicast streams
  • Streams added into the Ultrix database as available ports
  • Control & configuration with Dashboard and/or Ross control panels
  • 3rd party router control via GVG, Nvision, and Probel protocols

System Connection Basics

There are many ways to build the connectivity of a routing system. Included here are some of the more common system designs that are used for building Ultrix systems. These layouts are not exhaustive, but are meant to provide guidelines to follow when configuring a system. Please contact us for more information on specific system designs.


PSU External External
Connection Capacity 100 Connections 25 DashBoard and 50 HW panels concurrently
IP Control SW license, 5RU only



Ultricore Brochure Download


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Ultripower Quick Start Guide Download
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RCP-QE18 / RCP-QE36 User Guide Download

Application Notes

Application Notes
Ultrix IO Board Upgrade Guide Download
ULTRIX-FM-NS-1RU Install Guide Download
ULTRIX-FM-NS-2RU Install Guide Download
ULTRIX-FR1 Cooling Fan Module Upgrade Guide Download
ULTRIX-FR2 Cooling Fan Module Upgrade Guide Download
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Ultricore-OE Application Note Download
Ross Routing Switcher Firmware Download
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Ultrix-Carbonite Tally Mode Setup App Note Download


Ultricore Software Download

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