SMPTE ST 2110 Suite

10, System Timing and Definitions
20, Uncompressed Active Video
– 720p50/59.94/60
– 1080i50/59.94/60
– 1080p50/59.94/60
21, narrow sender & wide receiver
30, PCM Digital Audio, Conformance Level A & B & C
– ST2110-30
– Packet times of 1ms and 125us
– 48KHz samples
– 64 sender and receiver streams
– 1 to 80 channels per stream

SMPTE ST 2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching of all stream types
Audio/Video stream processors 12 simultaneous video streams (6 receivers + 6 senders)
128 simultaneous audio streams
16 audio channels per SDI interface
System timing and reference PTP Slave or Master (SMPTE 2059-2, AES67 and IEEE-1588 default profiles)
Media Receiver Timing Modes:
– Low-Latency Timing Mode
Network Interfaces 2 x SFP (10GE)
Media Interfaces 6 x SDI inputs (hardware capable of SD-SDI up to 3G-SDI)
6 x SDI outputs (hardware capable of SD-SDI up to 3G-SDI)
SDI Video Formats 720p59.94/60
GE Management Interface 1 x RJ45
SD Card Use SD Card for dual bank upgrade scheme
Control and Setup DashBoard for comprehensive device discovery, control and connection management
A published JSON API for integration of DashBoard into a 3rd-party control system
EmBER+ BESS v1.1 connection control
RAVENNA discovery and registration
NMOS (with some limitations)
Management Control Ports Dedicated Ethernet interface (RJ45) for all management & control protocols
In-band control on 10GE media ports
Dashboard Discovery SLP discovery for automatic “frame” detection support
Ross Walkabout device discovery and IP configuration
Firmware Upgrades via DashBoard and JSON API  
Status & Telemetry via DashBoard and JSON API SFP Status
Basic PTP Status (i.e. PTP locked, Mean Path Delay, Offset From Master)
Basic alarms (i.e. Network Delay too big, No packets received, PTP Unstable)
Dashboard Connection Management Sender/Receiver creation through Dashboard
Talker/Listener creation through Dashboard
Manually Create or using Advertisements
Configuration of Audio shuffling crossbar
Configuration of Video crossbar for one-to-many routing of receivers to SDI outputs
EmBER+ BESS v1.1 Connection Management
Establish connections for audio and video streams
Network stream groups get routed as a whole
One-to-many routing of receivers to SDI outputs
Mix and match audio and video from different sources
NMOS IS-04 Discovery
IS-05 Connection Management
See Errata for limitations related to NMOS support
IGMP IGMPv3 support
Multicast ranges supported: 232.x.x.x, 239.x.x.x