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DashBoard Facility Control System

DashBoard is a free and open platform from Ross Video for facility control and monitoring that enables users to quickly build unique, tailored CustomPanels that make complex operations simple. DashBoard provides control and monitoring to hundreds of products from more than 80 partners within the openGear and DashBoard Connect ecosystem, and of course most Ross Video products. Its ability to craft application specific solutions across this breadth of products is what makes DashBoard so special.


The emmy winning openGear platform is designed to work with DashBoard as the front end UI for the more than 80 openGear partners using OGP (openGear Protocol).


DashBoard PanelBuilder is a powerful tool used for creating custom interfaces for products from Ross Video, and partner companies. Custom Panels built with PanelBuilder are used by major broadcasters and large sports venues across the planet.


Download DashBoard for free to start building panels and monitoring your openGear devices. Training and Professional services as well as other pre-built applications using DashBoard are available for purchase to make the most of the free platform.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship




openGear® Control & Monitoring

The DashBoard Network Control and Monitoring system is a free application designed for remote control & monitoring of the open architecture, openGear® platform. Learn more…

Panel Builder

The latest version of DashBoard adds in a lot of features to make developing CustomPanels easier and provides new features to get the most out of those panels. Learn more…

DashBoard Connect™

The openGear® ecosystem has grown even larger with the addition of DashBoard Connect™. DashBoard Connect opens the DashBoard control and monitoring system beyond openGear® frame based products. Learn more…

Visual Logic

DashBoard is an amazing tool for creating custom workflows to control Ross devices, openGear devices, or really any third party IP-based devices. Scripts on Custom Panels are incredibly powerful. This can be a challenging task for users with no scripting or programming background. To resolve this, Ross has added Visual Logic in DashBoard. Watch the video…


The latest DashBoard version adds in a lot of features to make developing CustomPanels easier and provides new features to get the most out of those panels. Download DashBoard…

User Community

Connect with other users, download manuals, share tips, and much more! Join our Online Community…

Download DashBoard

DashBoard is a free application, designed for the openGear® platform.
Feeling adventurous? You can download the BETA version here.

What's New in Version 9.0?

With the launch of DashBoard 9.0, we’ve created a series of videos.


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User Stories

  • For us, DashBoard is a very important part of the operation. It enables us to be able to do fairly complicated things, but not have to do complicated button pushes. Watch the video…

    Martin Shearman-Brettle
    UK Studio Manager at ESL Gaming



Infrastructure Catalog Download


DashBoard User Guide
CustomPanel Development Guide OGLML and ogScript
DashBoard Server and User Rights Management User Guide
DB-SRV-HW Quick Start Guide
3939 Server Quick Start Guide
R340 Server Quick Start Guide

PTZ Camera Dashboard Plugin User Guide
User Manual for PT Head Control Plugin

Application Notes

Application Notes
Creating an XPN Take ID Using Visual Logic
DataLinq Information from DashBoard to XPression
Triggering DashBoard Buttons from a Website (or iOS)
VDCP Server Configuration

Release Notes

Release Notes
DashBoard Release Notes


DashBoard Control & Monitoring System Download
DashBoard Control & Monitoring System – BETA Download

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