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AirCleaner Live Event Protection Delay

AirCleaner is your digital insurance policy against broadcasting any obscenities. This system is the leading digital video and audio delay solution for easily eliminating all unwanted content from your live broadcasts or webcasts.

Keep it Clean

Eliminate nudity, offensive language, and obscene gestures from live broadcasts while maintaining program continuity.

Two-Button Control

Straight-forward to control with two large panic buttons; one for audio (red); and one for video (yellow). Simply press & hold to clean-up your broadcast.

Share the Load

Allows for dual-user operations, with unique settings to accommodate each operator’s preferences.

Hide Content Smoothly

The viewer experience is minimally interrupted with subtle video and audio masking techniques.

Reaction Time Compensation

Compensates for the reaction time of human operators to an observed visual or aural event, ensuring every obscenity is concealed in its entirety.

System Redundancy

Solid-state technology equipped with bypass relay circuity to further ensure the integrity of your live television broadcasts.

AirCleaner Overview Video

AirCleaner profanity elimination delay provides an electronic insurance policy against broadcasting offensive content to your televised audiences.


Simple Configuration

It’s easy to get started with AirCleaner. Manage the system from a physical or web browser interface. Learn more…

Control Panel

The robust AirCleaner control panel uses two large “Panic Buttons” for straightforward control and requires very little desk space. Learn more…

Multiple Masking Choices

Program AirCleaner to produce a variety of masking effects for both video and audio. Mask video and audio either simultaneously or independently, to deliver the utmost in concealment flexibility. Learn more…

Reaction Time Compensation

To compensate for the reaction time of human operators, AirCleaner includes AutoClean. Program a delay time in the mask trigger, to ensure you don’t miss a single offense. Learn more…

System Redundancy

AirCleaner handles your on-air emergencies and is designed to withstand any behind the scenes emergencies. Learn more…

Dual User Architecture

Employ video and audio delay on two outputs, with two operators for extra concealment security. Learn more…


Different AirCleaner Models provide different maximum delay times in both HD & SD formats:

Model A 5 seconds 34 seconds
Model B 11 seconds 68 seconds
Model C 35 seconds 68 seconds
Model D 70 seconds 68 seconds



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