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Streamline Production - Video Production Asset Management

Streamline Production is designed to bridge the gap between the newsroom computer system (NRCS) and playout server. Create placeholders, search customizable metadata and select the clip needed to tell the story. Use rules-based workflows to move content between locations and servers.

Increase Efficiency

Finding the right video clip is easier than ever. Use customizable metadata fields to search for existing clips and view a proxy preview of the clip from a web browser or plugin in the newsroom computer system (NRCS).

Access Options

There’s no software to install on the client machines. Streamline Production can be accessed in a web browser on both Windows and MacOS or using the HTML5 MOS plugin inside the newsroom computer system (NRCS).

Automated Organization

Content can be ingested, copied or moved based on rules set up in Streamline Production. Index content from a variety of file storage systems including on premise and cloud options. Move content between servers and file storage locations with automated rules. Delete content using lifecycle rules for playout servers.

Flexibility and Scale

From Streamline Production to Streamline Enterprise, there is a feature set and configuration model to meet the needs of the smallest newsrooms to the world’s largest broadcasters. With a scalable feature set and both purchase and subscription models available, Streamline can empower any newsroom regardless of size.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


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Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship




Browsing Assets & Creating Placeholders

Users can browse assets or create placeholders inside the newsroom computer system (NRCS) using the HTML5 MOS plugin. Learn more…

Organize & Move Files

Index files in multiple locations to make them searchable within Streamline Production. Move and copy files using rules-based workflows. Learn more…

Approvals & User Permissions

User permissions and approvals can be configured to help control the quality of your on-air content. Learn more…

Flexible Storage Options

Streamline offers support through common local and network file systems, as well as S3 interfaces. Learn more…

Control Playout of Clips

Clips added to a rundown will be sent to the appropriate playout device and a playlist will be created and updated as changes are made. Learn more…

Let Ross take care of the maintenance responsibilities and choose from a variety of subscription options to add Streamline Graphics to your workflow. Learn more…


Included Users 10 10 10 10 10
Maximum Users 25 25 100 100 1000+
Instant Messaging Optional Optional Optional
Asset Storage Locations 1 5 25 25 Unlimited

Academic Edition also available.

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