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Inception Newsroom Computer System

Inception News is the world’s most innovative newsroom computer system and social media management tool. Why choose a separate tool for each platform when you can bring your content creators together?


Start with the story. See how Inception can easily repurpose content across shows and platforms to increase efficiency and cut down publishing times.

Paperless Workflows

Eliminate printing and reflect changes in real time when using Inception on a tablet. News anchors can swipe between stories and even control timing of the show.


Inception’s robust MOS interface makes it easy to integrate with other broadcast devices like graphics, video servers, media asset management, teleprompters and automation.

Increase Communication

By centralizing web, social media and broadcast workflows into a single platform, teams can easily share content and information using Inception’s built-in messaging and contextual discussions.

Social and Web

Easily publish to multiple platforms from the same user interface. Engage your viewers with interactive polls and ability to search social media in real time. Build playlists of comments, photos and graphics that feed directly into on-air graphics.

Flexibility and Scale

From the smallest newsrooms to the world’s largest broadcasters, Inception can scale to meet any size operation or workflow with both subscription and purchase models available.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.
Workflow Solutions with Inception News

Inception News sits at the core of the end-to-end news workflow. Use Inception News to create content remotely, manage social media and plan new ideas. Nikki Renoit speaks with Red Bull Media House on how the Ross Video solution helps them do just that.


Story-Centric Workflows

Start with the story. See how Inception can easily repurpose content across shows and platforms to increase efficiency and cut down publishing time. Learn more…

Enterprise Features

Inception is ready for enterprise level management with a variety of supported databases, LDAP and SNMP support. Learn more…

Social media and Web

Inception offers the ability to create and publish content for the web and social media. But it also allows teams to have a conversation by searching social media in real time and gathering content to use online and on-air. Learn more…

Assignment Manager

Organize your team and centralize planning efforts using Inception’s highly customizable planning calendar for story and resource tracking. Learn more…

Horizon + Inception

Want to connect multiple newsrooms together? Horizon will allow users to search, share and drag content across newsrooms from the same browser window. Learn more…


Increase communication with built in messaging and alerts. From direct messages to group conversations, users can easily collaborate with other team members on any piece of content. Learn more…


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FEATURES Academic Express Standard Enterprise
Included Users 10 10 10 10
Browser Based
Instant Messaging optional optional
E-Mail Alerts and Notifications
Story-Centric Workflows
Planning Calendar

Inception U

A place for online self-directed learning of Inception software and workflow.

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