Version 2.0 Highlights

Significant feature enhancements for the award winning Ultrix platform
Ultrix version 2.0 provides significant new features and value for the Ultrix family of routers. There are several new features for the Ultriscape software enabled Multiviewer. These include the ability to create custom layouts, different PiP sizes, and more control over border, label, and audio meter size, location, and behavior. Version 2.0 also allows for support for up to 100 PiP’s per MV output, with no blocking or restrictions. Also included in version 2.0 is the launch of Ultrisync, a new framesync software license that can be added to every input on the chassis, up to 36 framesyncs in a 1RU, and up to 72 framesyncs in a 2RU. In addition, with version 2.0, the Ultrimix advanced audio processing and routing license, and the Ultriclean video clean switch license are now standard on every Ultrix frame at no additional cost.

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