XPression MOS ActiveX Plug-in Changes

Driven by customer requests, there have been considerable changes to the XPression MOS Plug-in. This item is being broken down into multiple sessions. Items included are: Improved Thumbnail viewing, inclusion of XPression categories and scene ordering from the XPression project.

Thumbnails in The XPression Plug-in:

  • The thumbnail view of available scenes (templates) can now be expanded wider than one column
  • Thumbnails can now be scaled from tiny to very large in this panel
  • If an XPression Project is created using categories and uploaded to the Project Server, the Categories now show up in the Scenes panel as a way to organize scenes and their thumbnails. The scene thumbnails appear in the same order the XPression Artist sets them in XPression
  • Thumbnails are now visible and scalable (per user) in the Rundown Section of the XPression MOS Plug-in as part of Tile, Thumbnail or List view

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