Robotic Camera Systems

Furio Robo Robotic Camera Systems

The Furio Robo delivers dramatic and compelling moving shots, while providing industry- leading accuracy and repeatability for automated productions.

Furio RC (Remote Control) Robotic Camera Systems

The Furio RC (Remote Control) comes with one of two control systems; Panbar Control, or Joystick Control.

CamBot Robotic Camera Systems

CamBot Camera Systems are available in 3 variants – 500 Series (Pan / Tilt Head), 600 Series (Pan / Tilt / Elevation) and 700 Series (Pan / Tilt / Elevation / XY Pedestal)

SmartShell Robotic Control System

The SmartShell Control System supports both Furio and Cambot Camera Systems, providing a unified control platform for all Ross Robotic Systems.


Ross Video has the most complete Robotics offering in the industry today, whether you are looking for the unparalleled smoothness of a track-based system, the unbeatable flexibility of a free-roaming pedestal, or the simple efficiency of a standalone Pan/Tilt head, with the option for mounting on a robotic lift. Robotic Camera Systems from Ross enable producers and directors to deliver original, spectacular, and more captivating content—in a reliable, cost-effective, and risk-free manner.

Ross designs, develops, and manufactures all robotics systems using state-of-the-art technologies, providing industry-leading accuracy and precision.

Whether you broadcast from a large or small studio, a concert hall, or a meeting room, Ross robotic systems improve your productivity, and enhance the visual quality and efficiency of your productions. These systems combine operational cost-savings with increased revenues from advertisers and sponsors, to deliver you improved financial results.