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Executive Summary

CamBot is the leading line of rugged, high-payload robotic camera systems in use around the world. The CamBot series includes a range of solutions to suit a wide variety of applications from simple pan / tilt systems through to free roaming pedestals.

Automate Productions

  • Dramatically increase production efficiency, while delivering superior quality and consistency with accurate and repeatable robotic recalls.
  • Utilize comprehensive integration with automated production control solutions such as Ross OverDrive or other third party systems to fully realize the benefits of studio automation.

Improve the Look

  • Deliver more compelling productions with superior tools and technologies for your producers, directors, and camera operators to really make your productions come to life.
  • Help capture and hold your audiences’ attention.

Augment Reality

  • Rely on accurate and repeatable tracking data from Cambot 700XYs, and combine this with XPression real-time 3D graphics to create stunningly realistic Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality.
  • Achieve great looking and believable results for your productions.

The CamBot line-up consists of the 500 series, 600 series and 700 series robotic camera support systems that are robust, durable and precise – distinguished by their ability to accept industry leading payloads (up to 90 kgs (200 lbs) on the 700 Series) while still delivering best in-class pan/tilt speeds quietly, smoothly and accurately.

All Cambot systems are networkable using distributed Ethernet architecture, which guarantees redundancy, flexibility, and expandability. Combined with SmartShell 4’s modern and easy to use control system, CamBots can be quickly integrated into any workflow.

CamBot is a Studio Workhorse that helps you achieve your production goals: precise, consistent, reliable camera shots and a safe operating environment.