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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 [Las Vegas, Nevada, USA] – Today, Ross Video is excited to announce a new addition to its wide range of virtual production solutions. Frontier™ is the latest innovative Virtual Studio Graphics Rendering platform, produced in collaboration with The Future Group, the company behind the “Lost in Time” franchise.

“We’re thrilled about what we’re bringing to NAB this year,” said Gideon Ferber, Director of Marketing Product Management for Ross Virtual Solutions. “Frontier is a real game changer in the virtual solution market space. It will give our customers the tool set to accomplish their wildest creative ideas while maintaining a hyper-realistic look and feel. One of these customers includes TV2 East Denmark, who we are happy to announce as our first Frontier customer in EMEA.”

Broadcasters and content creators have increasingly been turning to virtual studios because of the clear commercial and creative benefits. Modest studio spaces can be made to look much larger and more impressive, and set design can be quickly and easily changed for different applications. This enables studio spaces to be used much more flexibly and profitably.

Frontier offers designers incredible levels of creative freedom combined with hyper-realistic rendering quality that makes virtual sets look much more natural and convincing. Even the most complex graphical elements – from rain drops and fire, to live shadows and reflections, lens flares and dynamic highlights – are created quickly, easily, and with unprecedented realism.

At its core, Frontier is a cutting-edge video gaming engine capable of amazingly photorealistic scenery, and it has now been optimized by Ross Video to work in Virtual Studio broadcast environments.

Frontier uses the superior Unreal gaming engine, from Epic Games, as the core render engine, which provides exceptional high realism scenery through state-of-the-art features such as particle systems, dynamic textures, live reflections, shadows, and even collision detection.

Used for rendering background scenery, or foreground objects, Frontier works seamlessly side by side with XPression motion graphics systems from Ross Video to provide workflow tools and data connectivity.

This combination with XPression guarantees the best of both worlds – photorealistic backgrounds and unparalleled creative freedom, along with unmatched data connectivity, visual logic programming, and full support for most virtual studio production workflows.

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