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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 [Las Vegas, Nevada, USA] – Ross Video today announced the release of the next generation Furio robotic camera system, the Furio SE.

Representing the Smart Evolution of the market-leading Furio rail-based dolly system, the dolly and lift have been completely redesigned to improve performance, robustness, and reliability, while also making it safer to operate. The new system incorporates more than 40 new features, enhancements, or performance improvements, and includes a number of new technologies. The carbon-fiber lift is more than 20% taller than the original lift, and offers 50% greater extension range, without increasing weight or sacrificing rigidity. The lift is also twice as fast as its predecessor, while maximum dolly speed has been increased by 33%, thanks to the new Safe-T-Glide wheel locking system.

Electronics have been completely redesigned into two Field Replaceable Units (FRU) that incorporate a number of features that reduce the total number of external connections, and protect the ones that remain. In case something does go wrong, the FRU can be replaced in under a minute by simply removing 4 screws.

The Furio SE includes several safety features that make it the safest rail-system in the industry. Front and rear E-stop buttons instantly cut power to the system in case of an emergency. Remote E-stop modules are also available for placement anywhere in the studio or control room. When an E-stop is triggered, the head becomes free-wheeling, permitting it to be repositioned manually, while the lift locks in place at its current position. The dolly comes to a rapid but controlled stop, thanks to a regenerative braking system that applies a constant braking force. Front and rear motion light bars produce a gently flashing amber light to warn anyone in the vicinity when the system is in motion. Safe-T-Glide wheels lock the dolly to the track, ensuring that it cannot tip over, even when traveling at high speed and with the lift fully extended.

When coupled with either a VR100 or VR600 head in a Furio SE Studio system, the optical axis can extend as high as 2.2 m (7’ 3”) above the ground, from which it can descend 87 cm (34”). This provides an even wider range of camera angles and viewing perspectives, while enabling even more dramatic moving shots. The same dolly and lift will also support the FXhead, to form a Furio SE Live system. Both systems are fully compatible with existing rail systems, including the wiredraws, collision avoidance modules, and control system hardware, including the Panbar and joystick controls on the Furio SE Live, and SmartShell 4 for Furio SE Studio.

In conjunction with the new Furio SE lift and dolly, is the new Furio SE Blackbird pedestal for use in situations where robotic floor movement is not required. The BlackBird pedestal provides a simpler alternative, with fully robotic control of pan, tilt, lens and elevation on an ultra-stable, smooth-rolling base. The pedestal features three 12.7 cm (5“) diameter dual-casters that ensure smooth, quiet movement across studio floors. Each of the casters features adjustable cable guards to prevent cable snags, while foot-activated brakes that lock both wheel rotation and caster rotation, enable the pedestal to be securely locked in position on the floor. Two unique outrigger feet and removable stabilizing weights prevent tipping, while permitting the base to maintain an 81 cm (32”) width, narrow enough to fit through a standard office door.

“We are very excited to launch this new and vastly improved Furio SE system. With the success of the original Furio, there was no need to reinvent the wheel. Furio was already a very good product and now it is even better, while still retaining the personality of the original system”, states Bruce Takasaki, Marketing Product Manager for Ross Robotics.

This is the basis of the Smart Evolution approach: same core functionality, but enhanced to provide a better overall experience to the end user. Furio SE demonstrates an incredible attention to detail right down to the shape of the upper lift handles, which were carefully sculpted to make sure that cables would never snag on them.

The Furio SE is a key component within the Ross Robotics portfolio of advanced camera motion systems. The Furio SE Studio includes accurate absolute encoding on the column and dolly, for consistent and repeatable presets and moves, while also providing high resolution tracking data for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

As with all Ross Robotics systems, Furio SE integrates tightly with Automated Production Control systems, such as Ross Overdrive, as well as other third party systems. Furio SE is also a central element of Virtual Solutions packages from Ross Video, the only single supplier of turnkey Virtual Studio or Augmented Reality solutions available today.

The Furio SE Studio and Furio SE Live are in production today and available for shipment.

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