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RossCare+ Advantage Program

You have recently renewed your Ross warranty and are now eligible for an online product or workflow training session. We are offering a comprehensive range of training options that will make the best use of your staff’s time. In addition to traditional, instructor led courses, often essential for complex products and technologies, we offer the flexibility of interactive remote learning.

We offer a wide range of course topics, which could include – What’s New in the latest version, specific product workflows, refresher training, basic and advanced functionality and much more!

Indicate your name, facility, your email address and a list of topics (maximum of 5 topics per product that’s renewing) to be covered in your 4 to 8 hour online session. If you are eligible, you will receive a confirmation email within the next 5 business days. Please allow 4-6 weeks’ notice to schedule your session.

*All sessions will be held in English. Sessions are held Monday through Friday. Please have your Ross Order number on hand when filling out the form. For questions please email services@rossvideo.com. 

Register your team

Please select from the list below, the applicable product(whose warranty/maintenance was recently renewed), your contact information and list of topics you’d like to cover with a maximum of 5. Note: You can select one session per product warranty/maintenance renewal per year.