RossCare Service Level Agreement

RossCare SLA

At Ross Video, we understand the criticality of uninterrupted operations in today’s fast-paced live production industry. Our RossCare Service Level Agreement sets the foundation for a reliable partnership, ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of support and prompt resolution for any technical issues. Click here to view a PDF of the agreement so you can learn about its role in safeguarding your investment and maximizing your productivity.

Support Request Response Times

Ross Video will respond to Support Requests within the response times (each a “Support Request Response Time”) set forth below and resolve or correct the issue identified in the Support Request within the Resolution times set forth below subject to circumstances that are reasonably beyond Ross Video’s control, such as the root cause of a problem being situated in a non-Ross Video product, unforeseeable supply chain delay or force majeure events. Ross Video, in its reasonable judgment, will determine the Priority Level of each Support Request.

Priority Level Support Request Response Times* Description
Emergency 5 min Acknowledge 30 min Response 4-hour Workaround Resolution: 24 hours An event and/or problem that has a significant business impact, or an immediate severe impact to a core business process or an operation that is mission critical to the business. The event and/or problem may render the Ross Product(s) non-functional
Major 5 min Acknowledge 30 min Response 6-hour Workaround Resolution: 72 hours The presence of a major error implies that Ross Products and/or Documentation cannot be substantially used, or have a major negative impact on the total system operation, system functionality, or system reliability
Minor 5 min Acknowledge 30 min Response 24-hour Workaround Resolution: Next Release The presence of a medium severity error seriously affects the functionality of Ross Products and Documentation, but can be circumvented so that Ross Products and/or Documentation can be used, or implies that a program or function in a Ross Product or Documentation cannot be used although other programs or functions remain unaffected, or implies that Ross Products and Documentation as a whole function but a certain function is somewhat disabled, gives incorrect results or does not conform to the Documentation or any agreed standards
Trivial 5 min Acknowledge 30 min Response 24-hour Workaround Resolution: Next major release A low severity error has no significant effect on the functionality of Ross Products or the usability of Documentation
* Support Request Response Times are conditional upon Customer’s cooperation in providing information required to process a Support Request in the necessary time frames.