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Unmatched Expertise

For XPression and Voyager customers in video, broadcast, and venue production, Rocket Surgery offers unmatched design, workflow, and

data integration expertise because having Ross Video as our parent company gives us exclusive insight, input, and influence into its advanced systems.

Rocket Surgery Demo Reel

With a focus on innovation, Rocket Surgery is responsible for many industry “firsts” as the go-to choice for advanced production design. Rocket Surgery graphics present information in new and innovative ways that are guaranteed to captivate and inform your audiences. From broadcast graphics and animation and dazzling arena displays, to groundbreaking virtual sets and augmented reality, you get access to experts with the know how to maximize production value. Let Rocket Surgery help you realize your vision and bring your brand to life.


Graphic Design

Using the unmatched real-time 3D power of the Ross XPression render engine, Rocket Surgery optimizes the performance power of the hardware and translates it to some of the most impactful display graphics in use in the world today.

Graphic Integration

Rocket Surgery- Ross Creative Services has set a new standard with in-venue arena display and broadcast graphic workflows. New stadiums are going up and displays are getting bigger and more complex everywhere. Show producers are demanding more and more with every show and performance, and Rocket Surgery has become the go-to place to bring your vision to life using Ross XPression.

Virtual Creative Services

Be it Virtual Set design or Augmented Reality, Rocket Surgery can bring your vision to life in new and exciting ways using either XPression or the power of the Unreal Engine on Voyager.


Rocket Surgery Virtual Productions is the industry leader in live event augmented reality. Working on both Ross XPression and Voyager, RSVP can help you bring virtual augmented reality to life. From concept and creation to on-air implementation and operation, RSVP has the team to make it happen. We can deploy resources that supplement your mobile team, on a per-event basis or full season engagement.

Triggering & Control

Graphics are only part of the story; device and playback control are what make it all sing, and Rocket Surgery creates scalable DashBoard control systems specific to your needs. As with XPression, the Rocket has direct access to Ross development resources, ensuring the highest-quality triggering & control system.

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