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Our pricing for hardware warranty coverage is based on a complicated formula that considers the cost of servicing a unit that has been in the field. As a unit gets older, it becomes more expensive to support, as parts become more difficult to source. To minimize the per year cost of coverage, we spread those costs out over the expected life of the equipment. If a customer jumps back into the program without paying for the lapsed years, it will cause Ross to lose money covering that unit, which has a negative impact on our ability to support our entire customer base.

The concept is the same with software maintenance. Ross continually invests a significant portion of our revenue to improve our products and add functionality based on customer needs. These new features are released a minimum of once per year, and are cumulative in the product, meaning we do not remove them from version to version. A customer who jumps back into the program would get access to these new features, product upgrades etc. without ever having paid for them. That would be unfair to our customers who have maintained their coverage throughout the life of the product.

Factory Coverage starts when products leave from our facility. This is when ownership changes from Ross product to customer asset.

For products eligible for RossCare (software maintenance and/or hardware warranty), extended coverage is available to purchase upfront at the same time as the product is purchased, and/or anytime after. The start date of the extended coverage would reflect one year and one day after the factory coverage start date.

You are by no means required to pay for both hardware warranty and software maintenance. You decide what works best for you.

Example: if you choose to forgo hardware warranty on a product, but still choose to pay for software maintenance, you will be eligible to update to current versions and enhance your production with additional features etc. but, if something goes wrong with your hardware – you will pay for all associated repair costs, diagnostic fees, new parts, associated labour and shipping as required.

Advance board exchange. When a product is under warranty and requires a new module, Ross will ship the replacement module in advance of receiving the defective module. Replacements will be shipped for next day business delivery and Saturday delivery wherever possible.

Should customers prefer to have their unit repaired & returned, Ross will loan the customer a spare for the duration of the repair.

To support our warranty customers. Ross has strategically located critical spare parts depots around the globe to ensure prompt delivery of spares to most locations worldwide.

Customers are entitled to all major and minor software releases and developer support as needed.

This check list is a new on-line offering for Ross Video and is specific to each individual product.

Here is a sample of what could be included …


Acuity/Vision Switcher

Check current version (OS, drivers, external module firmware)

Check status page on frame for any warnings/errors

Check the system status for HDD/Flash health

Check the panel for any warnings/errors

Pull logs and parse for repeatable error message



Check current versions (OverDrive, Horizon, Postgres)

Check Event Viewer (System, Application) logs for warning/errors

Check Available HDD space and clean up anything unnecessary

Check Service tags/serial numbers and confirm if they are eligible for a swap

Check warranty status with Dell

Check Windows Firewall/Defender/Updates to unsure they are configured correctly

Check any third-party Anti-Virus that may be installed to make sure they are setup correctly (no

real-time file scanning/firewall, etc.)

Check the database tuning to make sure the settings are correct for the version they are running

Check the performance in Task Manager to make sure the system is not being taxed and running

low on resources

Check the logs (Server/gateway) for consistent errors/warnings

Do ping tests to check latency with switcher/NRCS/devices

Check that daily backups are configured

Confirm the weekly maintenance is being performed by the customer.

Ensure the Dell transfer of ownership has been performed on all Dell equipment provided by Ross

Confirm there are current backups on the clients and servers

Run Dell diagnostics on the server

Memory test

Intel Processor diagnostics tool

Online diagnostics tool (If internet accessible)

No. Advantage Plan customers are entitled to Advance Board exchange in the warranty.

Shipping and duties are covered when a module is replaced, although customers cover costs should they elect to send modules in for repair.

No. Advantage Plan customers are entitled to Advance Board exchange in the warranty.

Shipping and duties are covered when a module is replaced, although customers cover costs should they elect to send modules in for repair.




Yes. For best results, experience best results between 7:00pm-11:00am (EST).

On-site support is not covered under the Advantage program per se. Ross would charge our onsite service day rate, as well as travel expenses.

Should a customer create an issue, Ross reserves the right to charge for these services. Should the issue be non-customer created, Ross will provide complimentary on-site escalation.


Yes. Simply pay for the lapsed coverage, plus the upcoming renewal year, and receive access to all the great benefits of the program.