Graphite Software Downloads

Graphite Software Downloads

From time to time, we release new Graphite software with cool new features. Simply follow the links at the bottom of the page to download the latest version – free.

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With the expansion of the Audio Mixer and Audio Fader custom assignments please read the Release Notes to make sure that you understand the requirements to rebuild Memories and Custom Controls. For USB Midi Control users a new Midi Map and Layer files are also needed. If you created your own custom Midi control maps you will need to edit them to the new Fader Control assignments.

Please give your self adequate time from the upgrade to check show files and update them prior to a production.  Upgrades typically take about 20 minutes to perform and require the unit to shut down and be restarted.  After the Reboot of the system you will be able to begin updating the files mentioned above.

XPression Software

Graphite V2.0.0 supports XPression v8.0 – In order to get maximum performance out of your Graphite Version 8 Installers are included with the download. Run the License tool first to check if you’re entitled to version 8. If the Graphite system is out of the maintenance period please contact our technical support for instructions on updating maintenance to get access to the new XPression features.

Graphite Version: 2.0.0
File Size: 1.01 GB
Post Date: Nov 20, 2018

DashBoard Version 8.4.1 is required (included in the download package) 

DON’T START THE UPGRADE PROCESS AN HOUR BEFORE YOU NEED TO GO TO AIR, if at all possible. While we’ve made every effort to make the process smooth and maintain compatibility, we may have “tweaked” a feature that you use. Leave time to verify that your installation and memories are still working the way you intended. Some effects may need to be rebuilt.