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EZPrompt Overview

This product is no longer available for purchase.

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Prompting drives your production, enabling your talent to connect directly with your audience. Whether you are looking for a teleprompting solution in a traditional studio space or if you need a more portable teleprompter system, EZPrompt is designed to provide you with a dependable solution that is easy to operate and easy to setup.

Simply open EZPrompt on your computer, load any text file (.doc, .rtf or .txt ) and, with one click, your teleprompter is ready to roll. Smooth scrolling speed & direction may be controlled with a standard mouse, track pad, the computer’s keyboard or other programmable devices, such as a foot controller. Full Dual Screen / Multiple Monitor support is now included so users can interface directly with even the least expensive teleprompter hardware solutions on the market that do not (Mirror/Reverse/Flip) the image. All True Type Fonts are supported.