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Reinventing news broadcast for the 24/7 digital era

Traditional broadcast practices and workflows simply do not work for newsrooms in the digital age. More demanding viewers expect engaging and unique content delivered faster across a myriad of screens and channels including social media networks.

Is your newsroom up to the challenge?

Reduce time to air
Don’t get scooped, create a workflow that works for today’s news production and consumption realities including sourcing and aggregating disparate content and leveraging social media networks.

Engage viewers
Use virtual sets (VS) with augmented reality (AR) to deliver realistic real-time graphics. Leverage social media to interact with audiences.

Look like a big broadcaster, all the while saving money
Improve newscast quality and reduce your newsroom footprint with virtual sets, augmented reality, automated production control, streamlined content creation, and compact gear.

Create and monetize more news content streams
Produce more and new types of unique programming across channels for incremental revenue opportunities.

Ullevaal Media Center Success Story

Ullevaal Media Center in Oslo Norway uses Carbonite productions switchers, XPression motion graphics, openGear modular signal processing, Mira replay, and Furio robotics for studio and mobile live event productions.

Breaking news from Ross!

Multi-screen, Multi-platform Friendly Newsroom Computer System (NRCS)

  • With Inception, Ross applies a unique story-based approach to easily create and package content for cross-platform dissemination and use.

Dynamic Real-time Graphics

  • Display and update pertinent speaker and news story information in real-time.
  • Leverage Ross XPression for global template changes.


  • Social media content can be posted as soon as it is ready, or at a scheduled time, or synchronized with the live broadcast.
  • With Ross Inception, get the ability to aggregate, analyze, and present what is trending on social media networks and interact with viewers.

Automated Production Control (APC)

  • Ross OverDrive is the APC solution of choice for today’s broadcasters, delivering improved production quality and efficiency simultaneously.

Turnkey Studio-in-a-box

  • All-in-one news production solution with unified device control of robotic cameras, microphone systems, and graphics.
  • Virtual studio with augmented reality.
  • Complete graphics design, template and DashBoard creation.

Proven & Risk-free

  • Implement an integrated solution from one vendor.
  • Ross offers the most complete news broadcast product portfolio from master control, routing, signal processing, and automated production control to switchers, graphics, video playback, and robotic camera systems to virtual studios, augmented reality, social media integration, and more.
  • Access Ross’ award-winning 24/7/365 customer support.
End-to-End Solution

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