Camera and Robotic Systems

Robotic Camera Systems

Broadcast and live production houses increasingly rely on robotic camera systems to drive operational efficiencies through automation. As well, in their quest to create more engaging content, these creators are turning to robotic camera systems to realize more freedom of movement and imaging choice. Key buying criteria include speed, smoothness, payload capacity, safety, and reliability. As well, live productions have the added challenge to make cameras as invisible as possible to the live audience.

Ross Video offers the widest range of robotic camera systems including track-based dollies, free-roaming pedestals, and standalone pan & tilt solutions. As well, Ross robotic camera systems deliver superior accuracy and repeatability which improves overall production quality. Ross’ robotic camera systems service high-end production houses and major broadcasters that require maximum flexibility and creativity. As well, Ross offers robotic camera systems targeted at smaller productions that are looking to strike the right balance between camera perspectives and cost.

Studio Robotics

Ross Video has the most complete studio robotics offering available, whether you are looking for the unparalleled smoothness of a track-based system, the unbeatable flexibility of a free-roaming pedestal, or the simple efficiency of a standalone pan & tilt head.

Remote Control

Furio Live is the ultimate next-generation remote control camera system for live productions.


Spidercam broadcast-quality robotic camera solutions are suspended from a cable-driven system to provide exceptional and immersive video.

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