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Sky Deutschland is a major broadcaster operating in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They offer a wide range of programming output, including movies, exclusive entertainment, and live sports, such as the Bundesliga, the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and Formula 1, among many others.

In preparation for their coverage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Sky Deutschland embarked on a major studio overhaul to redefine their live sports news output and deliver more engaging content with greater precision and reliability.

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The Challenge

Sky needed to retain their signature on-air look while improving their storytelling capability to stand out from competitors in an increasingly competitive broadcasting space.

Sky began its search for highly innovative technological solutions that could enhance its broadcast content and presentation without requiring additional manpower. From a technical standpoint, there was a clear need for camera robotics that combined reliability with versatility to offer varied shots without taking up too much studio space.

Sky Germany CamBot

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The Solution

Having identified Ross Video as an ideal partner in robotic camera solutions, Sky adopted a suite tailored to its specific requirements. This included the Ross CamBot (XY Pedestals) for enhanced on-air movement and camera positioning flexibility and the Furio SkyDolly, a rail-based technology that, when hung from the ceiling, enables them to optimize studio floor space.

To boost broadcasting precision, the Sky Deutschland team also deployed the Ross CamBot Blackbird (PT-Head on Lift), improving the accuracy of shots, movement execution, and ensuring production consistency.

A spidercam cable-based system is already used in the studio, allowing them to repeatedly create novel shots that are impossible in other studios.

The team at Ross Video has provided us with innovative and reliable technology solutions which have been key to the success of this important project. By helping us to create and deliver new possibilities in our studio setup, we can differentiate ourselves in this highly competitive market. That’s why we always choose best-in-class partners.

Alessandro Reitano
SVP Sports Production | Chairman Sports
Sky Germany SkyDolly

The core elements of the Ross Video solution at Sky Germany include:

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The Impact

These solutions offered Sky Deutschland a comprehensive toolkit to enhance their live sports news broadcasts while also increasing the impact and efficiency of their compact production team.

Using Ross Video’s tailored rail and robotic cameras allowed Sky to produce and automate dynamic shots that set them apart from the output provided by other studios despite a smaller production team. The decision to suspend the SkyDolly from the ceiling freed up valuable studio floor space, giving more room for operations and activities. This holistic robotic solution from Ross ensures each shot can be executed with pinpoint accuracy every time it is needed.

Beyond the core technological advancements, the partnership also solidified Sky’s trust in Ross as a dedicated partner in the broadcasting industry.

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