Studio Robotics

X-Series Pan and Tilt Heads

At a Glance

X-Series pan-tilt heads are perfect for remote camera applications where the flexibility, quality and performance of a separate head, camera, and lens solution are necessary to capture the high-quality images your production demands. It features a compact footprint, 6.8 kg (15 lb) payload capacity, and available virtual tracking data.

The X-Series heads fit in a wide variety of applications, from meeting rooms, and presentations spaces, auditoriums and concert halls, legislatures and houses of worship, to studios and newsrooms – just about any application where a prompter is not required.

Complete Control

X-Series heads come with a free control option in Ross Video’s DashBoard software platform, which can be integrated into a complete, customized production control solution. They are also fully compatible with our SmartShell Control System, OverDrive production control, Acuity and Carbonite switchers, and more.

Simple Install

A plethora of mounting options, built-in camera connections that simplify cable runs, and a 5” colour touchscreen interface for local setup and configuration make for quick installations that couldn’t be any easier.

Peace of Mind

Based on 30 years of industry experience, X-Series heads’ all-aluminum enclosure and steel gears ensure long-term reliability you can count on, which is especially reassuring when they are mounted in hard-to-reach locations, or in high-use, critical applications.

Confetti X | Case Study

Discover how Confetti X, an educational institution providing specialty courses in Games, Esports, Film, TV, Media, Events, and Music support their students with the integration of Robotics.



The X300 is our lowest priced Pan & Tilt head, at less than half the price of our larger heads. With an ultra-compact footprint, all-metal construction, and a payload of 6.8 kg (15 lb), it delivers heavyweight performance at a lightweight price.

  • Smallest footprint in its class: 187 mm x 197 mm x 149 mm (7.35” x 7.75” x 5.86”)
  • Supports most box camera + lens combination, providing the flexibility to choose the camera and lens that are best for your application
  • Anti-backlash gears eliminate jerky starts and provide superior accuracy and repeatability
  • Second Ethernet port with integrated 1×2 switch reduces the number of cables running to the head by daisy-chaining Ethernet for camera control
  • Free DashBoard control system – or move up to SmartShell for the ultimate enterprise robotic control system

The X350 takes the compact, high performance platform of the X300 and ups the ante, adding features never seen before in this class of head. Or any class, for that matter:

  • A high resolution, full color 5” touchscreen display that makes it even easier to install, configure and troubleshoot. The display can also serve as an integrated tally light and camera number
  • High resolution tracking data for Virtual Sets or Augmented Reality
  • 12V DC Auxiliary power output, and cascaded Genlock output combines with the 1×2 ethernet switch to reduce the number of cable runs to the camera
  • A rotatable logo doubles as a switch that keeps the orientation of the information display upright even when hanging upside down from the ceiling
  • Dual USB ports to add new functionality and support additional accessories in the future


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