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US Bank Stadium



US Bank Stadium is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue located in downtown Minneapolis.

As the home of the National Football League’s Minnesota Vikings, the stadium has become a prominent destination for sports events and live entertainment in North America since its opening in 2016. Highlights include the 2017 Summer X Games, Super Bowl LII and the 2019 NCAA Men’s Final Four Championship.

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The Challenge

After several successful years of operation, the US Bank Stadium production team, known as SkolVision, aimed to enhance their in-venue broadcast further.

They had already established themselves as leaders in the industry with complex shows that incorporated new visual themes for each week of the NFL season. However, this process consumed a significant number of resources and time as the team had to spend hours rendering new graphics for their numerous displays. The SkolVision team recognized the need to streamline their workflow and reduce rendering time to maximize efficiency.

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The Solution

Upon opening in 2016, the US Bank Stadium production control room initially featured a range of Ross products, including the 8ME Acuity Production Switcher, XPression graphics, and the Mira+ Replay System. This setup provided a solid foundation for their operations.

In 2019, they further improved their capabilities by integrating the PIERO sports analysis system into the production control room. The addition of PIERO allowed the SkolVision team to enhance their in-game highlight packages with visually appealing graphics that showcased player speed, distance travelled, and player separation from multiple camera angles, all in real-time. This integration significantly elevated the quality of the Vikings’ broadcasts.

However, the SkolVision team still lacked a crucial component: an LED display solution that could feed all displays throughout the stadium pixel accurately and render graphics in real-time. In 2022, they introduced XPression Tessera, a robust LED Content Management system developed by Ross Video. This addition proved to be a game-changer as it revolutionized the Vikings’ workflow and greatly enhanced the fan experience.

Having the full Ross system to drive content to every videoboard has just made our show that much more poweful and fully integrated.

Greg Bostrom
Senior Director, Entertainment Marketing, Minnesota Vikings

Ross Unified Venue Control Solution includes:

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The Impact

Through Ross Video’s venue control software, DashBoard, XPression Tessera was tightly integrated with the production control room technology, giving the Vikings complete control of their gameday presentation and the ability to update visuals quickly and easily across all their LED displays.

This newfound agility enabled the SkolVision team to create compelling graphics on the fly and the seamless connection between XPression Tessera and a wide range of data feeds further allowed the team to tell a more engaging and immersive story within US Bank Stadium.

Ultimately, US Bank Stadium’s SkolVision production team successfully addressed the challenges they faced by implementing an integrated video production solution. Through the strategic integration of Ross Video’s cutting-edge products, such as the Acuity Production Switcher, XPression graphics, Mira+ Replay System, PIERO sports analysis system, and the XPression Tessera LED content management solution, the team significantly improved their workflow efficiency and enhanced the overall fan experience.

To learn more about how Ross Video is creating unforgettable game-day experiences for sports fans, while streamlining operations for in-house production teams, explore our Sports Venue Solutions page.

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