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Extraordinary Replay Systems

Deliver silky-smooth slow-motion replays, create engaging game-break highlights, and captivate your live audiences. Our multi-channel Mira Replay Systems are incredibly flexible, powerful, and feature a highly intuitive user interface.

Mira is also the perfect solution for fast turn-around ‘live-to-disk’ editing applications for both live studio and live venue environments.

Choose between the premium Mira+ or the compact and economical Mira Express for a replay system that perfectly fits your budget and live production needs.

Mira Control Surface

The unique and user-friendly design of the Mira control surface makes the most efficient use of the typically tight Replay User workspace when compared with competing replay systems on the market. After using Mira for the first time, every replay operator falls in love with the speed, flexibility, and ergonomic design of Mira Control Surface.

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Mira Replay App

Combined with Mira Control Surface, the Mira Replay app forms an intuitive and cohesive User Experience (UX) unmatched by any other professional replay system. Thanks to this thoughtful UX design, both novice and experienced replay operators will learn Mira faster than with any other replay system. In a very short time, they will become the most efficient, most precise, and most engaging replay operator you’ve ever known before!

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Media Files Galore!

Integrated media file import and export tools in Mira replay systems dramatically streamline file-based workflows — with the file import tool supporting a wide variety of media file codecs and wrappers.

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PIERO + Mira Integration

Combining our PIERO Broadcast sports analysis graphics system with the Mira replay system creates a seamlessly integrated live sports storytelling solution. No other solution comes close to matching the speed and efficiency of PIERO+Mira in generating captivating sports analysis graphics for live playout!

Our powerful, incredibly flexible, yet easy-to-operate multi-channel replay system can be fitted with either 8 or 12 bi-directional video channels—each with two storage options.

Mira+ can handle all your live events and sports broadcast replay needs, as well as ‘live-to-disk’ quick turn-around live edit applications.

Our easy-to-operate, “4 Record + 2 Play” replay system can be fitted with either storage options. Mira Express can handle all your live events and sports broadcast replay needs at a very economical price.

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