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Contact the Product Management
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Executive Summary

OverDrive is a highly flexible production control system that enables control over all the devices used in a production environment. OverDrive is the leading Automated Production Control system in the world with over 300 systems sold, and is capable of producing the largest and most complex of shows.

Get it Right

  • Productions are cleaner and more consistent than with any other similar system with fewer on-air mistakes and higher quality productions
  • All levels of operator are able to cleanly bring even the fastest-paced productions to air every day, every time
  • Designed for use in a wide variety of applications such as news, sports, live event, and faith-based productions
  • Users can have fully automated, semi-automated or traditional manually controlled productions using the same equipment and without changing configurations

Control it All

  • Integration is flexible through manual or automated control of over 200 production devices including production switchers, servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, and graphics systems
  • Ability to manage complex tasks and use customized DashBoard software interface panels
  • Integration with Ross production switchers, and various third party production switchers

Meet the Challenge

  • Advanced workflows are enabled with capabilities like MOS newsroom integration, multi-platform packaging, dynamic server channel management, and graphics management to streamline sophisticated productions from creation to playout
  • MOS newsroom interface that integrates directly into a variety of newsroom systems
  • Integration with Inception Social for social media/multi-platform publishing
  • Superb in-show flexibility with a small set of generic templates that provide more capacity for pre-coding and on-the-fly changes, and on-air macros that permit the operator to make decisions as the show evolves
  • Mature feature set that includes scalable redundancy