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Ultritouch System Control & Monitoring Panel

Ultritouch is an adaptable system control panel with monitoring capabilities. The panel is a shallow 2RU or 4RU rack-mountable touchscreen powered by SmartTouch™, which blends intuitive smartphone-like functionality with the customization power of DashBoard’s PanelBuilder™.

Ultritouch adds a powerful new router control & monitoring option to Ross Video’s award-winning Ultrix plus a growing portfolio of licensable applications. Out of the box, Ultritouch also includes DashBoard Connect™ control of various other Ross Video products.

Easy Systemization

Basic dashboard connectivity and custom panels brings the ability to control Ross products the way you do now.  Optional software licenses allow for more advanced and targeted control of specific devices and workflows.

Adapts to Your Workflow

Ultritouch adapts to your needs.  It can be set up quickly to perform traditional applications like router, multiviewer, and signal processing control.  But it’s real power is the ability to do virtually anything you want, in the way you want to do it.  Your panel, your workflow, own it.

Broad Device Control

Reach any of the 100’s of devices that supports OGP protocol in your facility (both Ross and 3rd-party). Utilize device’s native DashBoard UI or create fully customized multi-device workflow UIs with DashBoard CustomPanels.

Ross Video Communities!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.

Ultritouch Overview Video

The panel is a 2RU rack-mountable touchscreen that builds on the functionality of traditional control products by adapting to your workflows, and it features a user interface that has more in common with a modern smartphone than a broadcast control panel.


Traditional functionality based on smartphone workflows.


System Connection Basics

There are many ways to build the connectivity of a routing system. Included here are some of the more common system designs that are used for building Ultrix systems. These layouts are not exhaustive, but are meant to provide guidelines to follow when configuring a system. Please contact us for more information on specific system designs.


Frame Size 2RU / 4RU
PSU External + Optional Redundant Supply
Function Buttons Programmable Smart Touch softkeys
Buttons User configurable touch screen

Ultritouch U

A place for online self-directed learning of Ultritouch.


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